What Would you Do With an Extra Fix of “Focus”?

May 22nd, 2013

“What Would you Do With an Extra Fix of Focus?”

Our Facebook fans shared some powerful responses as to how they would incorporate a boost of Focus into their daily lives.

Just a few of the creative ways you would use 09 Focus blend: (+ the lucky winner of a mini Focus rollerball!)

Lesakim –  With extra fix of Focus, I would be able to work on de-cluttering our home, still not finished after Katrina 2005, get down to my goal weight by walking and eating healthy!

Ashley – I would finish editing the book that I hope to begin my writing career with, work on my blog, keep training for a 5k, and finish the home school year strong with my two rowdy boys!

KarenI would show my boss what I am truly made of!

AlissaMy homework with 3 noisy kids!

KasiWith an extra fix of focus I could continue to conquer housework, taking care of my one year old and going to school full time… all with a broken foot! I would much prefer essential oils to the awful pain pills that modern medicine focuses on!

JasminI would start to take the time for myself and stop worrying about being single!!

Danielle I’d stop taking adderall for school, And try out the 21 Drops way!

Marjorie –  I’d finally fill in the college and financial aid forms so that I can begin Act II of my life as a grandmother of two. I want to inspire them to be lifelong learners!



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