What Would you Do With an Extra Dose of “Will Power”?

March 28th, 2013

“What Would you Do With an Extra Dose of Will Power?”

Our Facebook fans shared some powerful responses as to how they would incorporate a boost of Will Power into their daily lives.

Just a few of the creative ways you would use 19 Will Power blend: (+ the lucky winner of a mini Will Power rollerball!)

Sabrina –  I would exercise every day, no excuses!!

Maria – I would hike across the united states with my daughter and husband. Shore to shore!

Alaina – I need to lay off the cupcakes! Will Power could help me with my self control…

Shauna – I could use a extra dose on those days when I need to push through the pain of having a spine fusion, so that I can continue to be supermom to my lovely daughter.

Julie – I would start running! I used to run in high school and it made me feel so good. I’ve quit years ago, and now I need the will power to start again! For my health and mood. The first steps are the hardest ones.

Virginia – A little extra will power would come in handy testing for my black belt!!

Carrie – I would be certain that I could beat this cancer 110%!!

Congratulations, Ali! We hope you glean strength and fortitude from your new source of Will Power.

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    What do you recommend for the menopausal uglies? You know, sadness, flabbiness, sleeplessness, and their other, ugly , assorted somethinginess cousins. Please suggest. I am grumpyumpy other things . . .

    • Cary Caster says:

      Hi Laura,
      We have just the blend for you! I especially formulated blend 16 The Change for menopausal concerns. With Sweet Orange, Geranium Leaf and Cedarwood essential oils, 16 The Change thwarts common symptoms of menopause including irritability and fatigue.
      I hope you Feel better. Be better.

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