The Strength to Live: Irv Sporn

June 2nd, 2015

Two years ago Irv Sporn was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer (the one-year survival rate of this cancer is less than 20%). He was getting close to 80 and had a weakened heart after suffering multiple heart attacks and enduring quintuple bypass. Many doctors did not want to operate on him and said it was too risky.

With many odds stacked against him, Irv decided that he wasn’t going to give up and, instead, he was going to gear up for the fight of his life. He did one round of chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumor while his family earnestly searched for a doctor who would take the risk. They were fortunate to find Dr. Fong at Sloan Kettering in NYC who was willing to meet BlueHost优惠码 with him. Irv and his family flew up to New York to meet with the doctor and chief cardiologist in October of 2013. Before meeting with him, the chief cardiologist was hesitant to clear him for surgery due to the condition of his heart. He said seeing him on paper, he shouldn’t survive, but after meeting Irv and seeing his WILL to live, he thought he deserved a chance.

On November 2, 2013, Dr. Fong successfully performed the Whipple Procedure and removed all the tumor. Irv recovered and bounced back in record time and has been cancer-free for almost 2 years. He is now referred to by his friends, family and doctors as Superman.




We were honored to interview Mr. Sporn to gain some insight on his definition of strength.

1. Define Strength: inner and outer.

 Strength is the will to be able to cope with and overcome anything.

2. Do you believe there is a correlation between inner and outer strength?

 Absolutely. They both build on each other. Inner strength fuels the outer strength.

3. What fuels/drives your inner strength?

 My family. I live for my family. They give me pleasure, which gives me the strength and motivation to do anything.

4. What specific instance/event/road block in your life has caused you to call upon your inner strength?

My illness really made me examine my priorities. I realized I would do whatever it took to persevere, no matter what the challenge, to be there for my family. I have been so fortunate to be able to watch my children and grandchildren grow into wonderful, beautiful people, and I want to be able to meet my great grandchildren one day (hopefully soon).

5. How has your inner strength shaped the person you are today?

It has helped me endure any issue and know that things will be OK. You have to have faith and a positive outlook and believe that things will work out. I know that being a good person and being there for your family will always pay off.

6. What advice can you give others who are struggling to find their inner strength?

Have a great backup crew. You need support. If you don’t get the support you need from your family, find people, whether friends, colleagues or a religious/spiritual person that you can connect with to help you find that strength.

7. Who/what helps you to keep a positive outlook/attitude?

My family. I also think you have to be happy with yourself and grateful for all that you have.

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