The Strength of Reflection: Brian Guadagno

June 30th, 2015

Brian Guadagno is a Rhode Island native, who has been an ocean lifeguard for 20 years in Narragansett Beach. He is the CEO and founder of , an up-and-coming all-natural sunscreen brand. He embraces a natural and healthy lifestyle through yoga and staying fit and is rarely seen without his rad sidekick Doc, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Through his experience as a lifeguard, being under the hot summer sun, sunscreen was a necessity. Before creating , he tried every sunscreen available, but was very dissatisfied with the use of chemical sunscreens. After making the switch to natural sunscreens, Brian discovered a need for a 外汇开户 brand and a product that could effectively crossover and resonate with both natural and active consumers alike. Alas, was created in 2009 and officially launched in 2012, allowing him an outlet to find new and creative ways to communicate, educate, inspire and ultimately connect with his consumers.




Gain some valuable insight about inner strength from our exclusive interview with Raw Elements founder, Brian Guadagno:


1. Define Strength: inner and outer.

Inner strength to me is really defined by knowing our own capacities and limitations. If we have clear knowledge of our outer edge, then we can begin exercises to build on our strength. Outer strength, or physical strength, to me is an extension of our inner strength manifested in our physical body.


2. Do you believe there is a correlation between inner and outer strength?

Absolutely, the stronger the mind and soul are, the stronger our body will be.


3. What fuels/drives your inner strength?

Taking inspiration from others, identifying personal areas needing growth and support of friends and family sure do.


4. What specific instance/event/road block in your life has caused you to call upon your inner strength?

I believe we are challenged daily and have to call upon our inner strength. I’d say, for me, building on the strength of patience is an area I find challenging. This can be felt in simple day-to-day activities or in greater situations.


5. How has your inner strength shaped the person you are today?

Well, it’s an ever-evolving process. Having the support of family and friends throughout my life, in all areas, has been the foundation of inner strength throughout my early years.


6. What advice can you give others who are struggling to find their inner strength?

I’d say in the last handful of years yoga has really been the outlet that has fostered the correlation for me between inner and outer strength. I strongly advise others to engage in this practice of personal growth.


7. Who/what helps you to keep a positive outlook/attitude?

Deepak Chopra and my great yoga instructors.


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