The Science and Benefits of Essential Oil Therapy in a Healthy Lifestyle

September 18th, 2013

998925_10151794847774241_1678692622_nHow can we live healthy, balanced lives in the midst of a toxic environment of sprayed foods, chlorinated water, polluted air and our busy modern lifestyle? Using essential oils can play an enormous role in enhancing a healthier, more balanced way of living.

When you understand that everything that happens on earth is a chemical reaction, it becomes very clear that we need to do everything we can, from having the purest food, water and air, to sustain a disease free and wholesome body.

Incorporating essential oils – the fragrant and highly concentrated molecules extracted from a plant’s leaves, fruits, woods, seeds and flowers – in our daily life can dramatically affect one’s health and wellness on a physical, emotional and mental level.

This science of understanding each unique essential oil’s specific effects on different body systems is how we begin to select which essential oils will compliment our individual needs.

Aromatherapy works most directly through the olfactory sense, but these active molecules can also be absorbed through the lung and the skin. When inhaled, the volatile aromatic compounds exert direct-to-brain actions through the limbic and autonomic nervous systems.

923434_10151574147179241_1134560570_nThis science of essential oil therapy is being validated more and more each day, with new statistical research data to validate the more holistic approach of using these plant-based remedies. It’s important to also note that more than 70% of our modern medicines come from having studied the use of plants by indigenous cultures around the globe.

Essential oils also provide the body with the necessary phytonutrients that our body utilizes through our endocrine system to monitor and regulate bodily systems. Not only do the oils help the physical ailments, but they work on our mental and emotional selves as well.

Whether one suffers from daily stress, sleepless nights, aches and pains, digestive problems, headaches or just about any ailment, there’s an essential oil or a combination of oils that can help counter and even alleviate one’s symptoms.

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