The PASSION-ista Challenge!

December 27th, 2012

Did you enter our PASSION-ista Challenge on Facebook yet? Nominate your best friend and you can both win 21 Drops blends and t-shirts!

Here are some of our favorite entries so far….

Submitted by Ashley…

“My BFF Courtney is a Green Goddess. For the past two years she has been a vegetarian to help save lives of innocent creatures! She is a great inspiration to do good things for the enviornment. I always say she has a green thumb because of her amazing ability to grow anything! I love how she has a great enthusiasm for recycling. She loves being out in nature, and observing the amazing wildlife. Hiking is one of her favorite hobbies. Courtney loves to help out with cleaning up her environment! There should be more peope in this world like Courtney!”

Submitted by Minh…

“Anh Cao (my sister) is possibly the biggest Fitness Fanatic I know! She is constantly tumbling, doing yoga, and stretching. Anh is always trying to help other people be active. For example: She’ll make you a kale, carrot, and apple mix from a juicer, just after pushing you to your limit in a workout. At only 11 years old, she’s more health conscious than most people out there. Anh is definitely THE Fitness Fanatic!”

Submitted by Josephine…

“As soon as I think Artsy Innovator – I think Neesa. My friend Neesa is exceptional! She brings a creative streak to everything she does. The Passion aromatherapy blend totally suits her artistic spirit. Neesa is constantly changing up her look to express her creativity. She does the most striking nail art, wears the most impressive shoes (seriously, girl – how do you stand in those sculptural beauties?) and has the most individual fashion sense. This strong woman is simply inspiring!”

Submitted by Courtney…

“My BFF Ashley is the exact persona of a Glamour Girl. Any chance we get she is begging to go shopping. She always has to look her best in high end clothes. We practically live in Sephora. We love getting glammed up for everything! She is always giving me great tips on fashion. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Submitted by Carolyn…

“My best friend is fiery and fabulous – remix of Modern Woman and Glamour Girl.”


Not sure what persona your friend is? Take the “Do You Know your Best Friend’s PASSION-ista Personality quiz” on our blog!

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