The Importance of Safety and Education for Essential Oils

November 13th, 2014

Today, the use of essential oils has increased in popularity and gained momentum among people of all ages, but do people that are using essential oils really know what they are and how to use them safely? While you don’t need to be a chemist to use essential oils, you should educate yourself on the why’s & how’s to use them safely.




Here are 3 quick tips when using essential oils:

1. You shouldn’t use essential oils neat on the skin that are undiluted, as this could cause skin irritations. Some oils that are known to commonly cause irritation are Lemongrass and Cinnamon.

2. Certain essential oils, such as Bergamot and Opopanax, may cause your skin to burn in the sun.

3. The quality of essential oils can vary, therefore it’s important to do the research and make sure you are buying unadulterated oils. A great way to determine whether or not there are any additives or impurities is to ensure that the oils have been GC/MS tested at a third party testing facility.


If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of essential oils and live in the South Florida area, our founder, Cary Caster, will be teaching an essential oil therapy workshop for the Scents of the Season!

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