The Green Goddess Wears “19 Willpower”

November 23rd, 2012

Are you a 21 Drops Green Goddess?

21 Drops empowers all Green Goddesses  with a healthier, more beautiful way of living. Unleash your inner naturalista with our essential oil blends: #05 Headache, #10 Calm or #19 Will Power. It’s Aromatherapy like you’ve never known it.

Some call her a tree-hugger. A modern-day hippie. Eco-conscious. We call her The Green Goddess.

She connects with nature and everything around it. Her favorite activities strengthen her eco-conscious resolve. She loves to hike, volunteer at the local animal shelter and host all-organic dinner parties for friends. And she always makes sure to have her 21 Drops Willpower blend in her bag to fortify her determination to stay healthy.

A powerful blend of ginger, cedarwood and geranium essential oils, Willpower was especially crafted to increase endurance, restore motivation and boost resolve.


Green Goddess


The Green Goddess loves autumn and all the changes it brings to the earth. She expresses her environmentally-aware attitude with her laid-back style; a hemp tote, organic cotton scarves and fair-trade denim.


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