The Emotional Benefits of Rose Absolute

February 16th, 2016

Despite the time and effort that goes into distilling this sensual oil, it is still one of the most widely-used essential oils in perfumery and aromatherapy, and with good reason.


rose absolute


Rose Absolute is known to be an excellent aphrodisiac as well as a highly-effective antidepressant. It is also said to balance hormones and act as a wonderful tonic for the nervous system. It even eases shock and grief, soothes anger, and heals despair. Here are a few of the other emotional benefits of this amazing essential oil.


· Heals and opens the heart, especially during tough times when it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel


· Assists in lessening the burden of self-judgement by creating calm and balance within the mind


· Heals emotional wounds and lightens feelings of grief


· Helps to let go of negativity


· Aids us on our journey of developing unconditional love for ourselves by lifting our emotional blinders to help us see the light

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