The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

March 29th, 2016

Around this time every year, it’s time to open up the windows and clean out the overstuffed closets of clothes and junk accumulated over the winter to get ready for spring. Clearing clutter is a great way not only to bring new life to your home, but also to bring clarity and peace to your mind. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts for spring cleaning:


spring cleaning



Properly put away and store winter clothes to make room for your spring and summer wardrobe.

Go through your spring wardrobe and donate anything that you haven’t in worn 2 years or more.

Shake out and clean any indoor rugs to refresh them from all of the winter build-up. Also, it’s nice to air them out in the fresh air.

Clean up your outdoor space no matter how small or large. Spruce it up with a few new plants or an herb garden.

Pick one new indoor/outdoor project to begin, maybe something creative you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest all winter long.


Don’t through away or donate any winter clothing until next season. Sometimes we can get so excited to clear space that we end up getting rid of something we may really need to hold on to.

Don’t leave any spring project incomplete, finish what you started. There’s nothing worse than a half-way organized closet or half the lawn furniture still in storage. Pick a manageable project each day or weekend that is easy to complete.

Don’t think you can do everything at once. Spring cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming, so map out your plan of attack and stay organized.


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