The Cary Diaries: Part I – Hola, España!

July 3rd, 2013

We’re taking a peek into Cary Caster’s travel diary. And as the founder of 21 Drops, Cary brings her essential oil therapy along for the ride.

Today is her first day in Spain:

7:00 am

Good morning, Madrid!

I can’t say I feel perfect after our 10-hour flight last night, but rolling on my favorite travel blends certainly helped. I use 14 Immunity every time I fly to protect against international germs and to make sure I stay healthy. I want to take advantage of every second in this beautiful country!

8:00 am

My husband, Rick, and I head to a nearby café to start the day off with a light breakfast. It’s 2:00 am our time and I’m struggling to stay awake. I ask the waiter for a café solo, and quickly change it to a doble. I’m thinking of requesting a café triple, but instead reach for my 01 Invigorate blend to keep me energized and ready to tackle today’s nonstop touring.

9:00 am

Today is all about art. Spain is home to many legendary artists like Picasso, Goya and Velázquez. We’re starting off with a visit to the Prado museum to check out their superb collection of classic paintings and sculpture.

1:00 pm

After hours of viewing art inside, we decide to spend some time taking a stroll outdoors. We feast our eyes on breathtaking Spanish gardens and magnificent old world architecture.

Just one example of the exquisite architecture throughout the city

3:00 pm

We’re compelled to check out the Reina Sofia – Madrid’s museum of modern art. Seeing famous works of Spanish masters Picasso and Dalí in person is such an inspiring experience.

7:30 pm

An informative (and extremely delicious) tapas and wine pairing tour. Of course, we both need our 17 Digest and 04 Hangover blends before turning in for the night!

We couldn’t get enough of these gourmet tapas — or 17 Digest!

10:20 pm

We wrap up the evening by watching a beautiful Flamenco performance. A perfect end to a perfect day. We’re exhausted.

Til tomorrow,



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    Handsome husband! Women who use 21 attract great men!!!

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