The Cary Diaries: Finding Inner Peace at Kripalu

June 26th, 2014

We have the power to create our own thoughts and intentions, but often reality—work, hectic schedules and life’s circumstances—can take us off course. Or perhaps we never even learned the tools to develop mindfulness in our daily lives. For times when we need a little reminder of our inner potential and possibilities, rejuvenating destinations like Kripalu, in Lenox, MA, help us get on track and propel us forward in actualizing our dreams and purpose.




The Kripalu mission is “ to empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.” While yoga is the focus of Kripalu’s mission, it offers many other classes and workshops that help to empower people without having to do any yoga at all.

Relaxation is evident from the moment one steps onto the property at Kripalu. You feel your shoulders drop and your breath get fuller. Whether you go for their “rest and relaxation” program or one of the numerous self-awareness workshops, there is never a dull moment.

There is an endless assortment of activities to help you de-stress and find your inner peace. From meditation to hikes to yoga and more, the choices abound for connecting on a deep level with that sometimes forgotten inner self.




For my birthday weekend get away, I took a trip to Kripalu. I took full advantage of the program offerings, including the numerous mindful meditations, various yoga classes and a workshop on Evidenced Based Qigong, taught by Master Yang. I left feeling rejuvenated, with my heart wide open and filled with the joy of knowing I have pure intensions of making this world a better place. My efforts to source organic essential oils for our 21 Drops customers support green practices, organic farming and organic distilleries worldwide! 21 Drops hopes that our high frequency organic essential oil synergies, pre-blended with your conditions in mind, will help you to feel and be your best self!




Cary and Master Yang



New friends we met at Renee Trudeau’s workshop



The Zodiac wheel



Leaving some Strength for the angel

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