The Cary Diaries: Cary Talks “Stress” at Texas Children’s Healthplan

May 15th, 2014

In honor of Nurses’ Week, I made a trip to speak at the Texas Children’s Healthplan’s Nurses’ Appreciation Day event. As expected, nurses regularly get caught up in stressful situations while caring for their patients. They rarely have time to stop and realize how this stress can wreak havoc on many of their bodily systems.


Cary arrives at Texas Childrens Hospital


I was given the unique opportunity to educate these wonderful nurses about the physical symptoms of the “Fight or Flight” stress response and how to help them manage it.


Cary speaking Nurses listening


Stress can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, digestive issues, muscular tension, rapid breathing, adrenal burn out, Mobdro and even compromise the immune system!

We discussed numerous methods for controlling stress:

• Take daily breaks

• Incorporate “quieting” rituals into daily routines

• Simple stretching exercises

• Breathing exercises

• Create statements of intention

• Essential oils

• Maintain a healthy and well balanced diet

• Schedule quiet time

• Bathing rituals

All of these approaches help to slow down the cascade of intense adrenaline rushes that occur under extreme stress and tension.


In addition to speaking at the nurse’s appreciation day event, I was fortunate enough to be part of the educators’ meeting for the labor and delivery department at the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pavilion for Women. I spoke with a team of 6 women who direct the education for the childbirth preparation classes. Anne Wright, the Patient Education Manager, welcomed the continued discussion of incorporating essential oils into different aspects of the birthing process.




While essential oils need to be used sparingly throughout pregnancy, labor and during the early months while breastfeeding, they can be wonderful healing Mobdro APK Download tools to speed recovery and help new mother’s work through the sometime anxious and often uncomfortable period of child rearing.


Cary visiting Gina at the Bella Luna shop inside Texas Childrens Hospitals Pavilion for Women, where 21 Drops is sold.

Cary visiting Gina at the Bella Luna shop inside Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pavilion for Women, where 21 Drops is sold.


I had a wonderful time in Houston, filled with women, education and empowerment. I would like to especially thank Tabatha Bullard, Evelyn Olatunbosun and Anne Wright for the invitation and their warm hospitality. Keep up the good work ladies!





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