The Artsy Innovator Wears “09 Focus”

November 18th, 2012

Are you a 21 Drops Artsy Innovator?

The Artsy Innovator lives to create. She’s an artist, a musician, a painter, a poet.
She sees creative potential everywhere she looks.

21 Drops empowers all Artsy Innovators with a healthier, more beautiful way of living. Unleash your inner creative with our essential oil blends: #09 Focus, our #10 Calm or #21 Inspire. It’s Aromatherapy like you’ve never known it.

The Artsy Innovator taps into her creative energies best with a rockin’ playlist, and her roll-on Focus aromatherapy blend.

Focus is made from a blend of all-natural rosemary, peppermint and frankincense aromatherapy oils to stimulate your mind and promote focus and concentration – so you’ll be free to do your best work.

Artsy Innovator

The Artsy Innovator uses fashion as a form of self-expression. She loves irony, unique details and making dramatic statements.


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