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4 Libido-Boosting Essential Oils and How to Use Them

February 13th, 2015

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we look for ways to boost the passion in our lives. We make restaurant reservations. We plan weekend getaways and spa days. We order chocolate and flowers. We do all of these external activities, but why not kick off this holiday by igniting your inner fire? Whether you are single or have been married for 30 years, the way that we feel on the inside plays a big role in how hot this fire burns on the outside. Essential oils are a great, natural way to wholly immerse yourself in your intrinsic energy and the potential of your desires.





In the spirit of passion, our favorite essential oils are Cardamom, Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood. Cardamom enlivens and refreshes, Jasmine diminishes fears and releases inhibitions, Rose invites feelings of love, while Sandalwood encourages self-acceptance. A blend of these essential oils can work in synergy to release your inhibitions, promote magnetism and heighten your sensuality.


Here are four great ways to use these oils to spice things up this Valentine’s Day:

 1. Make a massage oil

· Add 5 drops of Rose and 5 drops of Sandalwood essential oil to 1 oz of unscented massage oil or jojoba oil, mix and use for a whole-body massage. These two essential oils are wonderful for the skin, too!

2. Add to your bath

· Add 4 drops of Jasmine to .5 oz of milk before adding to your bath. (Remember that oil and water don’t mix, so it’s important to dilute the oils in a fat-soluble carrier before adding to your bath.) This creates a sensual, seductive scent for your evening. Forget your synthetic perfume!

3. Diffuse in your bedroom

· Put 5 drops of Cardamom essential oil in your diffuser and watch results happen with this spicy and enthralling rapture.

4. Make a heart-opening chest rub

· Add 5 drops of Cardamom and 5 drops of Rose to .5 oz of unscented lotion or jojoba oil, mix and rub directly on the chest to expand the joy and ecstasy in your heart.


Remember to always dilute your oils safely to avoid any possible skin irritation.

The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

January 22nd, 2015

You can find Citrus limon, more commonly known as Lemon, in almost every recipe and style of food, but we bet you didn’t realize that it has a plethora of powerful healing properties, especially in the form of essential oil.

Let us help you get educated on the benefits of Lemon essential oil in this breakdown.





Plant Part: 

Essential oil is pressed from the outer rind of the lemon.


Therapeutic Properties: 

• Helpful for flu, bronchitis, gastric infections and colds
• Will help prevent spread of infection
• Helps control greasy skin and boils
• Can be used to remove corns and warts when mixed with tea tree oil. Apply daily and avoid contact with surrounding tissue, as it will irritate the skin.
• Disinfectant for cleaning
• Cleansing to diffuse in the house when someone is sick
• Emotionally uplifting
• Helps defend body against infection




Use in a diffuser on a regular basis to purify the air.

Cold and Flu: 

For a stellar cold and flu fighter, combine 6 drops of Lemon essential oil, 6 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil, 6 drops of Tea Tree essential oil with 1 ounce of unscented lotion or organic Jojoba oil. Rub on the chest and enjoy.


Blend Lemon essential oil with organic Jojoba oil for topical application to create an uplifting effect for your mood.



Lemon essential oil has a fresh, clean aroma, that blends well with Sandalwood and Vetiver.



Can cause irritation if the oil is oxidized. Lemon is photosensitizing at 13 drops per oz or more, which can cause burning and skin damage when exposed to direct sunlight. Non-toxic, non-irritating.

Achieve Your New Year’s Goals With Essential Oils

January 9th, 2015

Out of the millions of people who make New Year’s resolutions each year, only about 8% of people succeed. We’ve put together a list of popular New Year’s resolutions and essential oils that may help you achieve your goals for this year!




1. Quit Smoking 

For all the smokers out there struggling to quit, aromatherapy may help ease the intensity of tobacco withdrawal. Fight the urge with these 4 essential oils:

Black Pepper Essential Oil may help decrease intensity of cravings
Cedarwood Essential Oil maximizes endurance
Juniper Essential Oil energizes and invigorates
Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates the mind

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2. Lose Weight

One of the most popular resolutions is to be healthier and more active. With proper exercise and diet, essential oils can help you curb your craving and boost your physical activity level. Kick-start your weight loss goals with these 3 essential oils:

Cardamom Essential Oil eases the stomach
Grapefruit Essential Oil acts as an appetite suppressant
Juniper Essential Oil cleanses, stimulates, invigorates

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3. Improve Personal Relationships 

Spend more time with loved ones this year. Take time to smell the roses… no pun intended. Open your heart with these 4 essential oils:

Cardamom Essential Oil enlivens and refreshes
Jasmine Essential Oil helps to diminish fears and inhibitions
Rose Essential Oil invites the feeling of love
Sandalwood Essential Oil encourages self-acceptance

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4. Be More Positive 

Life is too short, it’s time to develop a more positive outlook on life this year. Boost your mood with these 4 essential oils:

German Chamomile Essential Oil aids emotional healing
Helichrysum Essential Oil buoys the spirit
Rose Essential Oil soothes the heart and eases despair
Lavender Essential Oil nurtures and balances emotions

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5. Get Focused 

Let’s stay focused this year and complete what we have set out to accomplish. Stay on track with these 3 essential oils:

Frankincense Essential Oil promotes clarity
Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates the mind
Rosemary Essential Oil reduces fogginess

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6. Get More Sleep

Let’s make an effort to get that well-deserved rest this year. Studies show getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night helps boost memory and learning retention.  Aim to get a full night of sleep with the help of these 4 essential oils:

Palmarosa Essential Oil helps diminish anxiety
Sandalwood Essential Oil quiets the mind
Vetiver Essential Oil soothes and helps with relaxation
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil encourages peace

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7. Be Creative

Embrace your creative flow this year and tap into your right-brain for inspiration. Open your mind to a world of possibility with these 3 essential oils:

Black Pepper Essential Oil releases blocked energy
Cedarwood Essential Oil grounds and supports confidence
Sandalwood Essential Oil quiets mental activity

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8. Meditate 

The practice of meditation is great for your mental and physical health! Achieve inner peace this year with these 3 essential oils:

Jasmine Essential Oil helps relieve depression
Sweet Orange Essential Oil alleviates fear and frustration
Vetiver Essential Oil nurtures and restores nerves

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Essential Oils for Back-to-School

August 20th, 2014

It’s time to say goodbye to the relaxing days of summer and go back to school! While we tend to dread the onslaught of “full on” days, there are essential oils that you can incorporate into your family’s daily routine to help make each stage of the day a tad bit easier! Below is a list of different essential oils you can diffuse during different times of the day.





Essential oils for the morning:

When my children were smaller, they did not have to be told 1oo times to get out of bed. Instead, they were woken up by the stimulating scents of peppermint and rosemary wafting under their noses. These essential oils will help to perk the whole family up and start the day with alertness and energy.


Essential oils for the afternoon:

Waiting in the pick-up line can be a drag, but by spraying calming and uplifting oils into the car (such as grapefruit, sweet orange and jasmine), both you and your children will be in a great mood on the way home from school. This allows for a well-deserved decompression before plowing into the rest of your afternoon schedules.

If your children participate in after-school sports, try some revitalizing oils, such as juniper, cedarwood and cardamom.

To help them focus on homework, diffuse stimulating blends, such as peppermint or rosemary.


Essential oils for bedtime:

Long school days, dinner and the homework blitz can leave kids wired at the end of the day. Incorporating relaxing oils, such as vetiver, sandalwood, palmarosa and lavender, into their evening regime will help them unwind and have a restful sleep.


Essential oils to build up immunity during the night:

With “back-to-school” comes a breeding of new germs that can assault the healthiest of children. At the slightest sign of a sniffle, or even just as a precaution, I suggest loading up your children with immune-building essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosewood, ravintsara and tea tree. These will help keep your children from missing important time in the classroom– helping them to be their best self!


Need some additional information or have a specific question about essential oils? Ask Cary here.

Ask Cary: Cold Sores + Invigorate vs. Focus

August 8th, 2014

We get all kinds of questions about essential oil therapy, and Cary makes sure to answer each and every one of them. Recently, we realized that those answers were only going to the person who asked the question. You know that at 21 Drops we believe that sharing is caring, so we decided to do a weekly roundup of some of the Q’s & A’s to help you be your best self!


This week’s topics: Cold Sores + Invigorate vs. Focus




Question: Can you recommend any essential oils for getting rid of a cold sore? One of my friends suggested Melissa oil. What do you think?

Answer: You would never want to put Melissa oil directly on a cold sore. It would burn like crazy! I’ve seen a few recipes that use one drop (of Melissa oil) per teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, but you wouldn’t want to get it on the surrounding skin– which is hard to do. Instead, I would recommend Sandalwood oil. It can be safely used by applying it directly onto a cold sore. Tea Tree oil also works, but use sparingly. And be sure to use a q-tip, as you never want to touch the cold sore to the bottle directly.


Question: What is the difference between Invigorate and Focus? They both seem like energizing blends.

Answer: Both of these blends definitely have energizing qualities. When choosing between Invigorate and Focus, I explain that Invigorate was created for the body to stimulate movement and blood flow, whereas Focus is meant more for the mind and mental focus. I would use Invigorate in the morning or before a workout and Focus while at work or before a yoga class.


Do you have a question for Cary? Ask here.