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It is Tried and True and I Love It

February 5th, 2014

“I’m still kind of a newbie with the brand. #18 Sleep was the first blend I ever tried, and this one is absolutely my favorite! Whenever I smell it, I just feel calm, at peace, and it has friendly memories of being warm, cozy and ready to go to sleep. I also got #14 Immunity at the height of cold and flu season, and let me tell you, it actually works. When all of my roommates were getting colds and flus, I did not get sick. The third one I have is #02 PMS Relief, and this stuff is wonderful. It helps me feel more balanced, stable and equalized. These were the first three blends I tried and can’t wait to try more.”

– Leah Shepard

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Using 21 Drops for Healthy Living

October 29th, 2013

“Growing up, I was the girl that always got sick. Now that I’m older, my lifestyle has gotten so much busier. My school and career life has been surrounded by more sick people and when fall/winter roll around, I get much more weak myself. I recently adopted a new attitude in taking care of myself. I’m a big believer in holistic medicine, including aromatherapy.”

“I use 21 drops, ”Immunity 14” blend and it’s been so great! I use it everyday or when I feel a bit more sick or weak than usual. It’s really help me prevent a cold, everytime I feel one coming on. I can’t thank Cary enough and I’m so glad she has created something like this. It’s literally a life saver. Using this blend has allowed me to branch out into other blends that I use for everyday life. I use ”focus” for extra classes/seminars; Willpower and Strength for workouts, Pain relief for yoga, and PMS for those cranky days. I can’t wait to explore more blends. Cheers to Cary and the 21 drops team!”


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