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Best Teas for Colds & Congestion

October 15th, 2015

For thousands of years, humans have used herbs for medicinal purposes. Drinking herb-infused tea especially when you’re run down with a cold, sore throat or flu is a great way to naturally fight off bacterial or viral infections. Our local tea guru and owner of Yaxche Tea Room, Alexandra Wayne, introduced us to a couple of teas specifically targeted to get you back on your feet and feeling great. Here is the breakdown:


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Feelin’ Fine

For colds or when you’re feeling rundown. This tea contains 22 different herbs that work synergistically to help you feel better faster. Here are the five main ingredients:

Echinacea: High in vitamin C.

Spirulina (Blue Green Algae): Natural protein that helps boost the immune system.

Stinging Nettles: A natural antiseptic that helps fight infections and rebuilds energy. High in vitamin A, C, D and K.

Turmeric: Helps to fight inflammation.

Lemon Bomb: Known as “Nature’s Anithisdemean,” it helps to cleanse out toxins and has antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Helps combat sore throats and congestion. This tea is comprised of four ingredients:

Sage: Helps clear out toxins, while supporting your recovery and renewing the body’s energy.

Fennel: A natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties that provides the nutrients to promote energy and vigor.

Golden Seal: Good for sore throats and keeps infections from spreading. Only use in small doses due to intensity and strength of the herb.

Chamomile: Is calming and a natural pain reliever.

5 Ways to Disinfect Your House Without Chemicals

September 17th, 2015

Keeping your home clean and germ-free is always a daunting task, especially during cold & flu season. Here are a few simple suggestions that will help you disinfect your house without using any chemical-based cleaning products.


essential oils



1. Using All-Natural Cleaning Products:

Instead of using Lysol or other chemical disinfectants, try making your own natural antimicrobial mist with essential oils. It’s a simple, easy and effective all-natural solution that will help keep your home germ-free and clean. If you don’t have time for DIY there are a few amazing store-bought brands that we love: Click here.


2. Diffusing Antibacterial Essential Oils:

Many essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Diffusing them in the home is a great way to ward off pesky germs without chemical products. Ho Wood, Eucalyptus and Ravintsara are great essential oils to Shape of a Surface movie


3. Opening Windows:

Airing out your home will help clear the dust and bring better air circulation into those musty spaces.


4. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door:

Shoes track in tons of dirt. Making it a habit to take them off at the door will help keep your home cleaner and healthier.


5. Clean your Air Ducts/Filters:

Dirty air ducts and filters can fester and spread germs throughout your home. Keeping them clean will help prevent everything from illness to allergies and help you breath easier. Try sprinkling a few drops of Orange essential oil on your filters the next time you change them. This will help purify the air while circulated a nice, citrus scent throughout the house.

DIY Immunity Hand Sanitizer

September 1st, 2015

With autumn around the corner, cold & flu season is upon us once again. It’s time to gear up and protect ourselves from pesky germs oanda that slow us down and make us sick. Never fear, we have an all-natural DIY immunity-boosting hand sanitizer recipe that will help keep you healthy!





2 oz. organic Aloe Vera gel

4 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

8 drops Ho Wood essential oil

4 drops Ravintsara essential oil



Fill a small 2 oz. bottle with the Aloe Vera gel. With a dropper, add the essential oils, mix thoroughly and use on hands when needed.


Essential Oil Properties:

• Eucalyptus {Eucalyptus Globulus} is cooling and cleansing. It works great for cold & flu prevention and respiratory issues.

• Lavender {Lavendula Angustifolia} is widely recognized for its analgesic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, sedative and tonic properites. Lavender also has a profound healing effect on the nervous system.

• Ho Wood {Cinnamomun Camphora ct linalool} has a high percentage of linalool, which is beneficial to the immune system. This essential oil is widely used for treating infections, colds or flus.

• Ravintsara {Cinnamomum Camphora} is a strong immune system stimulant and has strong anti-infectious, antiseptic, bactericidal and expectorant therapeutic properties. Its decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties also make it effective in clearing the sinuses.




Essential Oils for Back-to-School

August 20th, 2014

It’s time to say goodbye to the relaxing days of summer and go back to school! While we tend to dread the onslaught of “full on” days, there are essential oils that you can incorporate into your family’s daily routine to help make each stage of the day a tad bit easier! Below is a list of different essential oils you can diffuse during different times of the day.





Essential oils for the morning:

When my children were smaller, they did not have to be told 1oo times to get out of bed. Instead, they were woken up by the stimulating scents of peppermint and rosemary wafting under their noses. These essential oils will help to perk the whole family up and start the day with alertness and energy.


Essential oils for the afternoon:

Waiting in the pick-up line can be a drag, but by spraying calming and uplifting oils into the car (such as grapefruit, sweet orange and jasmine), both you and your children will be in a great mood on the way home from school. This allows for a well-deserved decompression before plowing into the rest of your afternoon schedules.

If your children participate in after-school sports, try some revitalizing oils, such as juniper, cedarwood and cardamom.

To help them focus on homework, diffuse stimulating blends, such as peppermint or rosemary.


Essential oils for bedtime:

Long school days, dinner and the homework blitz can leave kids wired at the end of the day. Incorporating relaxing oils, such as vetiver, sandalwood, palmarosa and lavender, into their evening regime will help them unwind and have a restful sleep.


Essential oils to build up immunity during the night:

With “back-to-school” comes a breeding of new germs that can assault the healthiest of children. At the slightest sign of a sniffle, or even just as a precaution, I suggest loading up your children with immune-building essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosewood, ravintsara and tea tree. These will help keep your children from missing important time in the classroom– helping them to be their best self!


Need some additional information or have a specific question about essential oils? Ask Cary here.

4 Essential Oils that Boost Your Immune System

August 5th, 2014

With just a few weeks left of summer, the last thing you need is to get sick. But with all of the traveling and late nights, it can be hard to keep your body healthy. We’ve put together a list of four essential oils to fend off that run-down feeling.




These four essential oils are restorative, preventative and fortifying. Apply them frequently– especially when the first signs of any symptoms occur!


Not into DIY and looking for a simple, portable solution? Try our 21 Drops Immunity blend.

Why Lavender is the Most Widely Used Essential Oil

July 31st, 2014

The Granddaddy of essential oils, Lavender has been used for thousands of years by a host of civilizations. The Egyptian, Phoenician and Arabian people coveted it for its perfume properties; the ancient Greeks used it as a cure for everything from insomnia to aching backs to insanity; the Romans infused their bath water with its flowers, giving Lavender its name, from lavare–the Latin word for wash. For centuries, Europeans even sprinkled Lavender on interior floors to disinfect and deodorize their homes.

Lavender Essential Oil

Even today, Lavender is the most widely used essential oil. Some could argue it is the (almost) all encompassing essential oil, as its healing properties truly run the gamut. And Lavender’s floral, balanced aroma blends easily with most other oils.


Emotionally, Lavender calms, soothes and nurtures, encouraging balance in all the bodily systems. It should come as no shock that many nighttime lotions tend to have a lavender scent. Many massage therapists use it in massage oils for deep relaxation, and it can be simply dropped (only 3-5 drops) in a warm bath in the privacy of your own home.


But lavender’s properties extend much further than just its calming effects.  Research shows that Lavender is analgesic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic and an antioxidant.


Lavender can be found in 6 of our essential oil blends:

Detox – to soothe nerves

Headache – to pacify, nurture and rebalance

De-Stress – to reduce anxiety

Uplift – to brighten the spirit

Carry On – to balance the emotions

Immunity – to help purify the body


Ask Cary: Multiple Blends + Allergies

June 20th, 2014

We get all kinds of questions about essential oil therapy, and Cary makes sure to answer each and every one of them. Recently, we realized that those answers were only going to the person who asked the question. You know that at 21 Drops we believe that sharing is caring, so we decided to do a weekly roundup of some of the Q’s & A’s to help you be your best self!


This week: Multiple blends + Allergies



Question: Can I apply more than one blend at a time?

Answer: Yes, you may layer them freely! I always use the analogy of eating fruits and vegetables: your body utilizes the phytonutrients it needs from all of the pure essential oils in the blends. They each have their characteristic functions that work synergistically together, so you’re all good to go. However, I don’t recommend using Invigorate or Focus two hours before bedtime- especially if you will be using Sleep, as these would conflict in their intended use.


Question: I need something for my sinus problems. I have a runny nose, watery eyes, etc. It is probably allergies. Do you have drops for this sort of problem?

Answer: Based on your symptoms, I recommend the Decongest blend. I created this blend with eucalyptus and black pepper oil to help clear the congestion that comes from allergies, sinus infections and colds. As far as preventing sinus problems in the future, the Immunity blend helps ward off cold and flu germs that may also be causing your symptoms!


Do you have a question for Cary? Ask here.


It is Tried and True and I Love It

February 5th, 2014

“I’m still kind of a newbie with the brand. #18 Sleep was the first blend I ever tried, and this one is absolutely my favorite! Whenever I smell it, I just feel calm, at peace, and it has friendly memories of being warm, cozy and ready to go to sleep. I also got #14 Immunity at the height of cold and flu season, and let me tell you, it actually works. When all of my roommates were getting colds and flus, I did not get sick. The third one I have is #02 PMS Relief, and this stuff is wonderful. It helps me feel more balanced, stable and equalized. These were the first three blends I tried and can’t wait to try more.”

– Leah Shepard

See why Leah loves 21 Drops!

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Using 21 Drops for Healthy Living

October 29th, 2013

“Growing up, I was the girl that always got sick. Now that I’m older, my lifestyle has gotten so much busier. My school and career life has been surrounded by more sick people and when fall/winter roll around, I get much more weak myself. I recently adopted a new attitude in taking care of myself. I’m a big believer in holistic medicine, including aromatherapy.”

“I use 21 drops, ”Immunity 14” blend and it’s been so great! I use it everyday or when I feel a bit more sick or weak than usual. It’s really help me prevent a cold, everytime I feel one coming on. I can’t thank Cary enough and I’m so glad she has created something like this. It’s literally a life saver. Using this blend has allowed me to branch out into other blends that I use for everyday life. I use ”focus” for extra classes/seminars; Willpower and Strength for workouts, Pain relief for yoga, and PMS for those cranky days. I can’t wait to explore more blends. Cheers to Cary and the 21 drops team!”


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Nursing School Weakened My Immune System

September 18th, 2013

“21 drops has helped my life tremendously. Nursing school was one of the hardest and most challenging things I had to go through. Because I was so stressed, my immune system was getting weaker. I found myself having a cold every month. I barely ate, slept, and was around sick patients during clinical. The #14 Immunity boost improved my health…”

“When I felt a cold coming on, I applied this and it seemed to do the trick. I paid more attention to my health and continue to use this boost every day. I often get very sick during the Fall season but #14 Immunity has done wonders for my health.”

– Kristina De La Cruz



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