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A Parisian Perspective of 21 Drops

February 19th, 2014

Paris – one of the most romantic, inspiring and beautiful places in the world, teeming with art, music, culture, and delicious delicacies. Every corner I turned I was met with a unique sense of discovery and inspiration. And with my arsenal of 21 Drops blends, I was ready for any opportunity, challenge, and adventure!

Let me take you through my Parisian adventure:



 En route to the Miami, FL airport bright and early… My De-stress blend is a daily necessity to keep me sane through rush hour traffic!



Time to chill out before the 9+ hour flight… tight spaces & crying babies – bring it on!

#15Decongest, #07Equalize#04Hangover, #14Immunity, #02PMSRelief, #13CarryOn, #19WillPower

 I showed up to my sister Lana’s dorm at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris to find her arsenal of health (21 Drops) and beauty products on display in this boutique medicine cabinet! She, like my mother and I, definitely embody the brand’s persona: “Mother Nature in high heels.”

#06Passion, #01Invigorate 

A dear family friend, Simone, invited Lana and I to attend a fabulous event that showcased a new line from her company, Tai Ping Carpets.


As you can see, they are truly unique works of art, pulling from a diverse range of inspirations. Here, we connected with the colorful and playful aspect of these two pieces in particular, as they align so well with our 21 Drops products!


#09Focus, #11DeStress

 While the metro system in Paris is refreshingly well organized and relatively simple to navigate, dealing with the hustle bustle of major public transport is a good time to Focus, then retreat into some stress-less “me time.” Here, Lana opts for an extra dose of the De-stress blend prior to her interview with a high-profile advertising firm, Publicis Groupe, (which she subsequently nailed and got a stellar intern position BTW!)

#10 Calm

I wandered the more natural avenues of the Champs-Élysées as I waited for Lana’s big interview to finish. However, being a big sis, I couldn’t help but be anxious and excited for her to have this opportunity… hence, I kept my Calm blend readily available as I passed the time doing some more solo-exploration.


 Lana feeling strong and empowered outside the Publicis Groupe offices after crushing her interview (which was conducted in English AND in French)!


#20Abstain, #17Digest

 To celebrate Lana’s success, we decided to reward ourselves with an infamous Parisian Nutella and banana crepe! But before indulging, we took a healthy whiff of our Abstain blend to have more control over our sweet tooth! Then, post enjoyment, we used our Digest blend to stimulate metabolism.


Next, we took our exploratory celebration, to new heights for a Zen perspective of Paris with Equalize.


 After each full day of strolling the city on foot, our custom industrial-sized Pain Relief blend was necessary to treat our poor worn out feet… especially in preparation for the nights’ heel-donning activities.



 “Wine Therapy – Save water. Drink more wine.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! It was refreshing to not feel like such a wine-o in Paris! Who doesn’t want a casual glass of wine when meeting up with the ladies for Sunday brunch? Keep Calm and drink more wine, like the French!



 Finding beauty in all things. We discovered a series of memorials, revering and remembering individuals through natural scapes. If one must Carry On, it is nice to know they will be remembered through new life.



 That time of the month (aka “Shark Week”) on vaca? The BEST solution: PMS Relief blend AND chocolate!


 Inspiration for all women – we all embody pure, classic, timeless beauty, even when life changes try to turn up the heat!



 Solo climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Yeah! For sure, I can do that.



 I just couldn’t resist. This sculpture embodied the beautiful human form… with a migraine?



The Louvre contains an insurmountable number of infamous works of art! Ready to be inspired.



 Why the smug look, girlfriend?


#04Detox, #18Sleep

 Before, during and after a night out, hangover prevention is key with lots of water and my Detox blend. Also, I like to couple this with Sleep every night, to make sure I get some good REM Zzz’s.



 Although I rarely ever get sick, I like to be proactive in my approach to health and wellness – especially when traveling! I always have my Immunity blend in my purse to ward off evil little microbes. Plus, it’s far more stylish than wearing a medical mask!


And thus concludes my 10-day adventure at a glance with my best travel buddy, 21 Drops!