Supporting the Localvore Movement

November 6th, 2013

A “localvore” (or “locavore,” depending on who is asked) is a person who exclusively eats or has a tendency to only eat foods that have been produced or grown locally. This localvore movement has been growing in popularity due to the rise in awareness and interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Mounting concerns about global climate change and the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions has significantly shifted people’s perspectives on how the goods and foods they purchase are produced. Thus, transporting foods over great distances is an unsustainable practice. The localvore movement helps support greener practices.


The goal of localvores is to only eat food that has been produced locally, ideally food has traveled less than 100 miles from the farm to a consumer’s table.

Here are a few tips that can help you and your family become localvores:


–  Grow some of your own food in your own garden or participate in a community garden. While you may need to supplement your food supply, it is a tasty, fun, and cost-efficient way to buy fewer groceries.

–  Purchasing items from local farmers’ markets vs. the grocery store. Most markets have firm “Localvore” guidelines on who is allowed to sell their produce there.

–  Many different programs and services provide a way to support local farmers and eat locally grown and produced food. Some offer a monthly or bi-monthly delivery of meat and produce purchased straight from the farmer.

–  Buy from grocery stores that offer locally grown foods. These items can be identified by asking the grocer or by looking for a label that lists the location where it was produced.

–  When eating out at restaurants, choose venues that source their ingredients locally. Most localvore restaurants promote this fact that their ingredients are purchased locally to show their support of these green practices.

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