Shop Smart: 10 Best Sustainable Certification Seals

April 14th, 2015

Earth Day is around the corner, which is a friendly reminder to stay environmentally conscious as a consumer. Here are 10 certified seals to look for on products that go above and beyond standard sustainable environmental regulations.



1. Eco-Cert

They are an inspection and certification body for sustainable development. Eco-cert promotes, encourages and recognizes companies that follow environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. They focus on natural and organic cosmetic, textiles, green spaces, etc.



2. Rainforest Alliance Certified

They are an international non-profit organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. To be awarded this certification, farms and forestlands must meet rigorous, third-party standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network or the Forest Stewardship Council.




3. Non GMO Project Verified

This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and build the non-GMO food supply, also to educate and provide verified non-GMO choices to consumers.



4.  Global Organic Textiles Standard

The mission of GOTS is the development, implementation, verification and protection of a global organic textile standard. They promote environmental sustainability and strict labor regulations in textiles and apparel manufacturing. They enforce organic farming practices which include cruelty-free treatment of animals, non-GMO and pesticide-free farming.


5. PETA- Beauty Without Bunnies

This seal was designed to help consumers easily identify cruelty-free cosmetic, personal care and household cleaning products. Products displaying this logo have been produced without animal testing.

6. Green America

This organization certifies businesses that are actively promoting positive social change, environmental sustainability, environmental responsibility (sourcing/manufacturing/operations), and social equality. They look for businesses that take accountability for their work, and who are constantly evolving their day-to-day operations to create a better world.

163271_180739921939136_8198806_n 7. CCOF

This is an incredibly thorough organic certification agency that is continually evolving their organic standards to improve environmental sustainability. They advocate for animal welfare, social equality, non-GMOs, reducing greenhouse gases and minimizing our carbon footprint.



8. Forest Stewardship Council

FSC certifies that products come from well-managed and regulated forests that implement environmental, social and economic benefits.



9. Food Alliance

This is a non-profit organization that acts as a strict third-party audit, that is a credible and effective way for farmers and food companies to pledge their commitment to sustainable management/farming practices. Products that have this seal are grown, handled and packed by an FA producer, they’re non-GMO, they’re free of preservatives/colors/artificial flavors, verified supply chain traceability, and maintain humane treatment of livestock without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.



10. Marine Stewardship Council

The MSC mission is to ensure sustainable fishing practices and ethical trade of seafood for businesses around the world.

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