Rose-Colored Lenses

April 8th, 2013

The world looks prettier in pink.

Rose-colored Lenses


This tranquil tone is filled with warmth, whim and true beauty.

Rosy-hues bestow a sense of peace, happiness and femininity. Pink is fashion’s darling, nature’s wink and the stuff of fantasy.

Our 21 Drops pink blends capture the best of pink in a little vial. 20 Abstain helps subdue constant cravings,  21 Inspire works to unlock and unblock your creative energy and 16 The Change renews and restores vitality during menopause.

Try them out and experience the power of pink.



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2 Responses

  1. Jessica H says:

    I am loving these color blogs! I’m an artist and absolutely obsessed with all the colors of the rainbow and I am now understanding the reasoning for each color of each vial of 21 drops. They really do fit perfectly. I love abstain for those wwak moments when I’m craving something unhealthy and Inspire is an absolute must have for any artist that’s ever felt a bit creatively blocked at times.

    • Cary Caster says:

      Thanks, Jessica – we’re crazy for color, too! We’re so happy to hear how 21 Drops is working for you. Look forward to more color-inspired blogs coming soon…

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