Raising Children Naturally in Today’s Toxic World: Part II – Healthy Eating Habits

January 9th, 2013

Last month, creator of 21 Drops and veteran mom, Cary Caster, gave a lecture to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (the AIA) entitled “Raising your Children Naturally”. We’ll present Cary’s advice for growing healthy children in today’s toxic world in a 3-part series. Part II is about instilling a healthy attitude towards food in our kids.

Diet is one of the most vital defenses we have against disease. It is imperative to teach our children healthy eating habits now – so it will stay with them for life. Here are a few tips I’ve learned when raising my three kids to appreciate wholesome foods while staying away from the junk food which dominates in our fast-paced society.

– The best kind of produce is fresh, organic, unsprayed and non-genetically modified. Introduce it to your children young and they’ll develop a taste for it always.

– The best option for hydration: Water. The worst: Soda. Not only are soft drinks filled with extra sugar and caffeine, they actually dehydrate the body!

– Keep plastic and canned items to a minimum; they contain synthetic coatings and PET that leach into food and drinks and have shown to be carcinogenic.

-Having a small veggie garden or potted herbs on the windowsill teaches kids that the best kind of nutrition comes from the ground!

We can’t prevent every possible toxic material from entering our bodies. What we can do is use essential oils to help keep us healthy. Natural essential oils are anti-oxidizing by nature and combat the harmful free radicals that develop in our cells. You can read more about using my 21 Drops blends to achieve health naturally here.


In the next go-around on “Raising Children Naturally”, I will be sharing more of my tried-and-true tips for growing healthy children. Do you have any you would like to share with us?


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