Raising Children Naturally in Today’s Toxic World: Part I – Natural Healing

December 20th, 2012

Last month, creator of 21 Drops and veteran mom, Cary Caster, gave a lecture to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (the AIA) entitled “Raising your Children Naturally”. We’ll present Cary’s advice for growing healthy children in today’s toxic world in a 3-part series. Part I is about natural healing.

Being a mother in today’s world is far from easy…especially when it comes to ensuring a healthy lifestyle for your children.

As a mother of three, I understand the importance of bringing a sense of balance and well-being to our overstressed and over-scheduled children. With my educational background in botany and clinical aromatherapy, I have found that the use of therapeutic essential oils can play an enormous role in helping to bring the entire family to a healthier way of living.

When my children were growing up, they experienced the very same ailments and accidents that kids have had since time began. But I treated them differently than most. Whenever I was faced with their everyday ailments and accidents, I helped them to heal with natural therapeutic essential oils; a healthier and effective alternative to today’s medications.

Even when my daughter, Jennah, broke her leg, I was able to treat it without pain killers! Really. In fact, I always have a variety of essential oils stocked in my medicine cabinet for everything from headache to heartache.

Here are some healthy solutions for you to try next time and ailment or everyday accident rears its head:

– A drop of lavender on a cotton ball works to halt an ear infection. I’m a big proponent of lavender’s healing powers – that’s why I put it in #14 Immunity. It really helps nip an illness in the bud when your child starts showing symptoms.

– Using a vaporizer with essential oils such as Scotch pine and eucalyptus will thwart a bad cough and congestion. My #15 Decongest contains eucalyptus and other essential oils to help your kids breathe easy.

– For sports injuries, instead of an over-the-counter pain reliever, you can use a plant-based massage oil such as my #08 Pain Relief. It includes myrrh oil which is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, as well as ginger which aids in circulation, bring fresh healing blood to the area.

Because I want to share the incredible therapeutic value of essential oils, I created 21 Drops. I’ve customized each of the 21 Aromatherapy blends to help each of us, and our families, feel better, be better. (Read more about it here!)

In the next go-around on “Raising Children Naturally”, I will be sharing more of my essential oil fix-its with you…. Do you have any that you would like to share with us?


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