Pre- and Post-Workout Blends

June 18th, 2014

It’s no secret that working out has both physical and psychological benefits. But sometimes just getting yourself to the gym is half the battle. Luckily, some of our blends can give you that extra boost you need!

Pre Workout


Pre-Workout Blends:


Invigorate: Stimulates energy, movement and vitality

Strength: Builds inner strength and confidence

Focus: Bolsters attention and promotes concentration

Will Power: Increases endurance and boosts motivation




Post Workout


Post-Workout Blends:


Detox: Soothes, rejuvenates and stimulates the expulsion of toxins

Equalize: Relaxes your mind and brings you back in balance

Pain Relief: Increases circulation while reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness

Calm: Calms you down and helps you chill out


Working out is an important part of staying healthy. It keeps your heart strong, helps you stay fit and most importantly makes you happy!

And if you need a little bit of encouragement, reach for some drops!


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