Polyvore Contest Winner Showcase!

December 5th, 2012

We are super proud to show off the winners of the 21 Drops Polyvore contest on Facebook.

These fantastic entries encapsulate the style of the 21 Drops blends and the women who love them!

    The Glamour Girl with #06 Passion blend by megcjones

The Fitness Fanatic with #19 Will Power blend by Portia Early

The Modern Woman with #07 Equalize blend by malibucourtney

The Party Girl with #20 Abstain blend by minhcao

       The Green Goddess with #10 Calm blend by twenty one laughs of love


          The Artsy Innovator with #21 Inspire blend by afabtail

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 21 Drops Polyvore contest to make it a success!

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