Play Up your Best Assets with 21 Drops

March 12th, 2013

What’s the best way to Feel Better. Be Better.?

Focus on the postive, of course! Enhance and accentuate your best assets with 21 Drops.

photo credit: Marcos Santos

Our essential oil blends can be used to complement and support your best features.

What do you love best about your body?

My eyes – Even the prettiest peepers need their beauty rest. Combat tired eyes with a restful night courtesy of 18 Sleep.

My hair – Stress can wreak havoc on your naturally beautiful tresses. Try 11 De-Stress to keep yourself balanced while maintaining thick and shiny locks.

My smile – A gorgeous grin beats makeup any day when it comes to lighting up your face. 12 Uplift will give you a reason to flash that winning smile – when you need it most.

My legs – Our 01 Invigorate will give you the adrenaline surge you need to keep your legs toned and strong.

My skin – Treat your glowing skin right! Apply a small amount of 07 Equalize into fine lines and wrinkles; the sandalwood, frankincense and rose essential oils in it are ultra skin-nourishing.

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