Make Your Home Your Haven with Aromatherapy Blends: Living Room Edition

January 16th, 2013

Our homes are our sanctuaries; where we go to revive, regroup, refresh…

Home & Hearth

Colin Cowie, wedding and event planner for the stars, recommended 21 Drops on the Today Show as a beautiful way to enhance your home in 2013.

After a hard day out, come home to our essential oil blends. Fun, colorful and artfully crafted, 21 Drops will help transform your home into the perfect haven.

The living room is a communal space; the place for family, warmth and a steaming mug of hot cocoa. Make your home and hearth ultra-cozy this winter with 21 Drops.

Our recommendations: #07 Equalize to relax your mind and keep you grounded and #11 De-stress to take the edge off your day.

Want to try some De-Stress?

From now through January 31, we are giving away our #11 De-Stress prestige vial with any purchase made on our website! Shop our abode-friendly blends now!


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2 Responses

  1. Gigi Edwards says:

    I watched the Today SHow and I am very interested in the oil for my home. We live in the country in Texas, we raise horses and lab dogs so I need and oil that will help to uplift and smells great in the home.
    How do you get the oils to smell great in the home??
    Thanks Gigi

    • Cary Caster says:

      Hi Gigi,
      Our aromatherapy oils are wonderful for personal use in and out of the home.
      However, the active essential oils in 21 Drops are exclusively for use on your body as they effect change within the body. While the fragrance of the blends are very pleasant, the scent of essential oils are discreet and ephemeral, and do not spread beyond the point of application.
      Try our blends, such as #07 Equalize and #12 Uplift on your wrists or other pulse points to help you relax after a long hard day!
      All the best,

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