Liquid Gold – An Endangered Species

April 13th, 2013

Leopards, elephants and other wild animals are not the only endangered species.

Greed, corruption and exploitation are endangering one of the world’s most precious plant species: sandalwood.

We have to help.

Sandalwood essential oil, or “liquid gold”, is extracted from the sandalwood tree. It is one of the most prized essential oils in the world due to its potent therapeutic properties and coveted sweet, woody fragrance.

But the extreme value of this warm, enveloping essential oil make it a target for heavy exploitation and endangerment. Threatened by illegal poaching and plundering of baby sandalwood trees in India, as well as unsustainable growth and cutting practices, this beautiful fragrant wood is in danger — but there is a way to help.

21 Drops is committed to providing a safe environment for sandalwood to grow and continue to provide its cherished essential oil for us as well as future generations. We source all of our high-quality sandalwood essential oil using sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

This charitable organization is dedicated to the conservation of sandalwood through education, research and sustainable harvesting programs.

Our 06 Passion blend fuses the 100% natural essential oils of ethically-sourced sandalwood as well as jasmine, rose and cardamom to promote enthusiasm, exploration and an appetite for life.

To help save this precious resource — and embrace your inner fire — purchase 06 Passion now.


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