Java in a Vial: #09 Focus

January 18th, 2013

Are you easily distracted? Do you find yourself watching videos of puppies on Youtube when you should be writing your dissertation? Does being tagged in a photo on Facebook seem infinitely more exciting than anything work-related?

Good. We’re not the only ones.


Whether you’re starting a new semester of school after winter break, taking on new responsibilities at work, or just trying to keep up with a monstrous load of meetings – we’ve got the stuff to keep you alert, naturally. (That’s right, say goodbye to those shady supplements and caffeinated concoctions. Our product is perfectly pure.)

21 Drops #09 Focus blend, is made of 100% natural essential oils of rosemary leaf , peppermint leaf and frankincense to help you gain clarity. #09 Focus is formulated to help jump-start your mind, get you back on your game and reduce the dreaded “brain drain”.


Tell Us: What important thing are you pushing off today due to lack of focus?





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