I’ve Enjoyed Aromatherapy, But Nothing to this Level

September 18th, 2013

“As a 48 year old single mom with a 11-year old, and also a teacher, I was thrilled to come across 21 drops.  I started with a mini roller of #10 Calm – I absolutely love the scent and it does calm!!!  I even shared it with my co-workers when our boss would stress us out – we all enjoyed our private solution…”

“I’ve since invested in a standard size of #18 Sleep because I have chronic insomnia and most nights toss and turn even with an RX. I use #18 Sleep in conjunction with my RX and my sleep has improved – thank you 21 drops for the wonderful creations.  I’ve enjoyed aromatherapy for years but nothing to this level. I can’t wait to try more, and plan to try #12 Uplift and #13 Carry On right away.”

– Debrah Tanis


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