I Love It When I Can Find Effective, Safe and Chemical-Free Remedies

February 14th, 2014

“The #05 Headache blend from 21 drops is absolutely just what I’ve needed. I tend to get headaches often. Many times they start from tension in my neck and move up. I also have a history of chronic migraines. Not only do I have many chemical sensitivities, but I have recently switched to all-natural products and I love it when I can find effective, safe and chemical-free remedies.”

21 drops has just that. Made with essentials oils blended to stimulate bloodflow, the #05 Headache blend relieves the pain and helps me focus on what matters…my son, my work, my hobbies…my life. I love the Mini-Rollers because I can easily stash one in my purse, pocket, wallet or console in my car. I purchased the four pack sampler of the Mini-Rollers from Sephora after hearing about them on Twitter and reading great reviews. I am so glad that I did because I’ve now discovered an all-natural remedy to alleviate my headache pain, and it even lessens the neck pain.

I would also like to add that in the past I was very hesitant to take OTC medication at the onset of a headache, and often times my headaches would progress into full-on migraines. I can honesty say that if I dab 21 drops at the source (for me usually on my neck and temples), it prevents it from progressing and the pain begins to subside instantaneously. I must say I also love the design of the bottles. They’re colorful and a cute…just another added bonus. I’m thrilled to have discovered 21 drops, and will continue to use the headache blend, as well as others. The #01 Invigorate and #18 Sleep are also fantastic blends. I am anxious to try several others, such as #08 Pain Relief and #07 Equalize The only regret I have about 21 drops is that I did not discover them sooner!

– Lori Leal

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