I Can’t Wait to Try More

February 4th, 2014

“I’m always looking for natural ways to improve life’s little moments of anguish. I was delighted to find 21 drops and have them work so well! I tried the mini-set that includes #05 Headache, #06 Passion, #09 Focus and #18 Sleep. I loved them all so much, I had to share with my blog audience and I tell all my clients. I can’t wait to try more!

These were my faves:

#05 Headache: This one I use a lot. I am a victim of frequent mini headaches. Sometimes stress-related, sometimes linked to computer neck or the very uncomfortable bed my husband and I plan to replace when we move. I rub it on my wrists, neck and temples or waft the bottle under my nose a few times for a power punch of healing. It works well for mild headaches.

#18 Sleep: Wow! Talk about powerful! Sleep is a precious commodity that doesn’t always come easy for me. I have tried everything from meditation to herbal remedies to relaxation supplements. These sleep drops are the perfect remedy. For one thing, I had no idea how well it would work, so I put a little dab of oil everywhere and took a big whiff before going to bed the first night I bought the drops. Ha! I slept like a baby and was even groggy the next morning because I dosed it a little high – I had no idea it would work so well! Now that I know better, I can adjust my dose, unlike the other methods, to accommodate my needs and my schedule. A good whiff ensures I’ll fall asleep fast. A couple of dabs keep me asleep through the night without morning grogginess. And, I can add more for lazy Sundays, when I can wake up slowly.”

– Danielle Tworek

Buy #05 Headache Here

Buy #06 Passion Here

Buy #09 Focus Here

Buy #18 Sleep Here

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