How to REALLY Keep your New Year’s Resolution!

December 29th, 2012

You know that wonderful feeling of unbridled optimism we all get every New Year?


“This is gonna be the year I’m finally going tolose those 20 poundstake advantage of my gym membershipcurb excessive spending…”

Until we find ourselves in February… knee-deep in a vat of Häagen-Dazs…choosing TV over toned triceps…engaging in some serious retail therapy…

Make this year different. With the help of 21 Drops, ring in 2013 with a resolution you’ll keep the whole year long!

We often fail in our resolutions because we don’t plan ahead. There’s a reason we have bad habits and unless we find a substitute for them, we’ll continue to fail at changing them. Just ask any ex-smoker.

In an eye-opening new book, The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg illuminates the ways we form habits, and how they can easily be changed.

Here’s a simple example:

So let’s say you (along with the rest of America) have a habit of buying a hyper-sweet latte every time you’re stressed. This is what actually happens in your brain:

1. Cue ► 2. routine ► 3. reward

Step 1., the cue, is being stressed out

Step 2., the routine, is buying the latte

Step 3., the reward, is the release from stress you get from sipping that delicious caffeine-infused sugar bomb


So what’s the best way to get yourself out of this sugary trap? Just change Step 2. the routine. If every time you feel stressed, you substitute a positive habit instead of buying a latte, your brain will soon automatically crave the healthy habit.

We suggest our #11 De-Stress blend or #20 Abstain blend. The routine of rolling our essential oil blends on your pulse points and the immediate reward of a natural lift and amazing smell will be so gratifying. The next time you’re stressed, you’ll just whip out your favorite 21 Drops blend and say goodbye to the whipped cream!

For all your New Year’s resolutions, 21 Drops can help you can feel better, be better in 2013.

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