How To: An At-Home Spa Experience

February 26th, 2013

Ahh… we all love the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes from a day of pampering.

 Carve out 2 hours of time for yourself to create a spa experience at home!

On your next day off, take the morning to fully indulge yourself in a DIY spa. Here’s how:

10:00 AM – Set the mood. Don your comfiest robe, break out the scented candles and set your iPod to your favorite instrumental music playlist. Creating a serene space for your at-home spa experience will make it easy to unwind. Helpful hint: Taking a few moments before you begin to get yourself in a relaxed mindset. A minute of meditation and a deep breath can go a long way in creating a beautiful and serene experience.

10:15 AM – Massage received. Grab a friend to give you a massage, or better yet, do it yourself! If you’re short for time, focus on the area with the most tension. Before beginning a massage, try rolling on a 21 Drops blend to set the tone for the treatment. For a deep tissue massage, roll on our 08 Pain Relief in an area that requires special attention. For a calming massage, try our 07 Equalize. If you’re looking to get yourself revved up with a sports massage, try applying our 01 Invigorate first.

10:45 AM РAbout face. In under 30 minutes, you can give yourself a deep cleansing facial. First, cleanse your skin and take off all traces of makeup. Then exfoliate to slough off the outer layer of your skin and reveal a fresh new face! After exfoliation, you can remove blackheads using an all-natural homemade treatment. Finally, moisturize your skin to prevent dryness and excess post-facial irritation. In addition to your moisturizer, applying a bit of 07 Equalize to your face is a great way to pamper your face; the sandalwood, frankincense and rose essential oils in this blend are skin-nourishing.

11:15 AM Nail it. Give yourself a mani/pedi to top off your at-home spa experience. Take no shortcuts – file, buff and polish like a pro to get the most beautiful, long-lasting varnish.

Which one of these at-home spa treatments will you take time out for?

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    I’m definitely going to try this at home treatment. Thanks for sharing!

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