Healthy Thanksgiving Planning

November 23rd, 2015

Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for what you have and the people in your life. We get together with family and friends to laugh, drink and EAT lots and lots of food. For all our fitness freaks and health conscious food lovers, here are some great tips on how to minimize the damage of a Thanksgiving meal to maximize your health!



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• Try to keep your alcohol consumption low and your water consumption high. It’s easy to drink one too many during this festive holiday, so try substituting your wine for spritzers and make sure to drink a glass of water between each drink. Also, by upping your water intake, you may feel less inclined to go back for seconds!


• Load up on nutrient-rich veggies instead of the sweet potato casserole or stuffing. It’s alway ok to indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving treat, but everything in moderation. Filling up on the squash, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, turkey (breast meat), etc. can help minimize the temptation to fill up on all those sweet and savory temptations.


• Eating spices over heavy creams and butter can help to make traditional Thanksgiving dishes healthier. Also, using substitutes like Greek yogurt instead of creme fraiche is a great way to make your dishes just a little healthier without losing any flavor or texture.


• Just choose one dessert! Pick your favorite pie, cake, sweet treat, etc., have a reasonably-sized portion and call it a night.


• Be active before your feast and walk it off after. Try to go to your favorite spin class, yoga class or morning run before the eating and celebrating begins, which will leave you feeling less guilty for indulging in any of your favorite dishes. After your meal, head out on a family walk around the neighborhood before you settle into your food coma for the night!






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