Friend a Flower: Meet Geranium, Bold and Beautiful

April 17th, 2013

We took you through some breathtaking Italian gardens in our celebration of Earth Month.

However, nature isn’t just a pretty face.

Plants and flowers have a strength and purpose beyond their external loveliness.

So come join us. We’re digging deeper to discover the allure in flowers beyond the petals.

May we introduce a powerful new friend… Geranium.















What is it?

Geranium is a five-petaled flower that is beloved around the world. Grown in a variety of bright colors, geranium is one of the most prolific plant species.  More than 700 varieties are grown worldwide – and for good reason! Its bold, beautiful and its floral aroma is heavenly. Oh, and its essential oil can work miracles!



What does it do?

Geranium essential oil has many treasured therapeutic properties. It can reduce stress, fight against depression and correct hormonal imbalances. Geranium also heightens imagination and intuition, and promotes security and stability.


Where can I get it?

Find it in  02 PMS Relief, 04 Hangover, 16 The Change, 19 Will Power.


Tell us, what’s your favorite flower? We might even write a blog on it…



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