Embrace your “Passion”

November 29th, 2012

If you had to name your greatest passion, what would it be?

It’s the thing that inspires you, that makes you feel completely at peace with the world. The thing that makes your life worth living.

It might be spending time with your kids or your pets (who, let’s face it, are basically like children!) It can be your morning run that sets the tone for the rest of your day or a long-awaited sabbatical in Paris.

To each and every person, passion means something else.


A person’s passion is what makes him or her unique. How someone chooses to spend their free time speaks volumes of them. The woman who carefully tends to her geraniums on a Saturday is kinda different than the guy who visits Star Wars conventions on weekend (understatement of the year…)

The funny thing, though, about what we love most, is that sometimes we let our passions fall to the wayside. Our jobs, our finances, our lives get in the way and we start living without enthusiasm, running on an empty tank, set to autopilot.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate passion. Let’s make a concerted effort to enjoy and delight in what brings us happiness. Our #06 Passion aromatherapy blend is designed to help engage the fire in us all. Blended from essential oils of jasmine, rose, cardamom and sandalwood, the Passion roll-on is designed to spark your passions and renew your excitement for what you love.

Try #06 Passion to revitalize your excitement for whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning – your dahlias, your Doberman, or… dressing as Darth Vader. It’s all good.


Tell us… what’s your greatest passion?


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