Drumroll… Announcing the PASSION-ista Contest Winners!

January 4th, 2013

Our PASSION-ista contest was a smashing success! Our fans introduced us to some of their incredible friends and their own unique passions. Here are the final winners and the 21 Drops blends to complement their gorgeous personalities.

Glamour Girl
Courtney submitted her BFF, Ashley, who loves shopping, getting glammed up and going to Sephora! Ashley is a total fashion inspiration… may we suggest #21 Inspire?
Modern Woman
Carolyn nominated her BFF as the ultimate Modern Woman- fiery and fabulous! The Modern Woman’s go-to blend is #07 Equalize, a calming balance for her busy lifestyle!
Green Goddess
According to her friend Nancy, Allison is “always trying to save the earth, recycle and make things better for people and animals!” #12 Uplift would be perfect for this eco-conscious goddess!
Fitness Fanatic… Minh nominated her sister, Anh, as the Fitness Fanatic because “at only 11 years old, she’s more health conscious than most people out there!” We love Anh’s athletic determination – #09 Focus will keep her on her game!
Artsy Innovator
Josephine expressed her BFF Neesa’s strong artistic spirit and individual fashion sense. We suggest our #06 Passion to highlight Neesa’s creative side.
Party Girl
Shauna posted a  breathtaking photo of her PASSION-ista BFF. #18 Sleep might be needed after a night out and is a perfect match for this “girl that can walk into the room and with just a smile make all your troubles melt.”

All the entries were simply fantastic! The winners of this contest will receive a #06 Passion blend (for their BFF), a 21 Drops blend of their choice and 21 Drops t-shirts! Make sure to “like” us on Facebook to be a part of upcoming contests!

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