DIY Allergy Inhaler

March 9th, 2016

During the height of allergy season, having a pocket-sized, all-natural allergy inhaler is a great thing to carry with you to use when your allergies start to spike. Here is an easy and effective DIY allergy inhaler recipe:


Allergy Natural Remedies




This refreshing and stimulating essential oil is an obvious choice to include in an allergy inhaler. It’s cooling and cleansing for the respiratory system and helps to break down mucus buildup.


This immunostimulant is great for any respiratory issue as well. It can help to clear the sinuses and has anti-inflammatory properties to assist in calming coughs.

Spike Lavender

Spike Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural decongestant.

Pine (Red Pine)

This essential oil is great for fighting colds or congestion. It’s also excellent for helping to reduce any spastic coughing.


Saturate the cotton insert of  an inhaler with a total of 30 drops of one or any combination of the essential oils above. Assemble as directed and begin using when needed. Make sure you keep the cap tightly closed so the active vapors don’t evaporate.

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