De-Stressing After a Car Accident

October 29th, 2013

“I was in an automobile accident 5 years ago and broke my right foot when I slammed on the brake; unfortunately due to my diabetic neuropathy, complication from Type 2 diabetes, I could not feel the maximum excruciating pain in my right foot and leg since I had lost so much feeling and so much damage had been done to my nerves.”

“I have had 9 surgeries since then and 3 sets of hardware to straighten and my stabilize my foot and leg. The good news is that I have worked hard in rehab and my foot and leg are intact. I walk with a 7 pound white clamshell brace and massage ”de-stress” into my foot, ankle area and right leg up to my knee daily. It is so miraculous that the ”de-stress” has been a rejeuvenating and pain-relieving and strengthening force to help my foot and leg and also has energized me so I can actually power-walk again. It has been calming, strengthening and has given me renewed hope for the future, even though my right leg is now 3 inches shorter than my left leg since my right ankle bone crumbled. I am so very grateful for ”de-stress” and cannot imagine life without it.”

“Additionally, I have started using other 21-drops blends: Will-Power and Uplift, which I ordered for my Mother for Mother’s Day. She also loved it when I would massage the De-Stress into her right arm, shoulder and wrist, since she fell on her 88th birthday in February. These were sent to the wrong address and replacements arrived a week after Mother’s Day…Caroline said that to make up for my order not arriving by Mother’s Day, a replacement of De-Stress would be sent to my Mother, no charge. It has been 5 months and I have n0t yet received a replacement vial. To demonstrate good faith I would appreciate your sending a full-size DE-STRESS along with a mini-rollerball of Headache. I love your products and am making a monthly order of 1 or 2 rollerballs part of my budget plans even though I have so many medical bills. Your products have given me new hope for my daily life and my future. Thank you so much.”


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