Colin Cowie Features 21 Drops on the Today Show

January 15th, 2013

Did you see Colin Cowie‘s segment on the Today Show this morning? 21 Drops was featured as the first of Colin’s sophisticated and affordable ideas for enhancing the home. If you missed it, check out the video:

Try our 21 Drops blends to keep your own home your haven. Our #12 Uplift blend cheers your mood and brightens your outlook. We call it our “honey for the mind”. Or our #7 Equalize blend, which helps relax the mind, steady your frazzled nerves and keep you grounded.

Plus, you will receive a free prestige vial of our popular #11 De-Stress blend, which allows you to stay cool under fire. So take a deep breath, and let De-Stress take the edge off your day!

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