Colicky Baby? Time to “De-Stress”

January 12th, 2013

Nothing’s more calming than a baby in sweet slumber.

But when your little bundle hasn’t had a decent sleep in days, the experience can be quite harrowing.


It’s 2 AM – do you know where your child is? If the answer is, “yes, waking for the umpteenth time in a fit of tears”, we have a little something for you. Our 21 Drops #11 De-Stress blend is for those times when you’re feeling helpless, anxious and overwhelmed. When your baby refuses to settle down and you haven’t had some decent shuteye in 24 hours, take a break. Simply roll our #11 De-Stress onto your temples and wrists. A fusion of 100% natural essential oils of frankincense resin, lavender flower, ylang ylang and German chamomile, #11 De-Stress was designed to help you unwind when you need it most.  Stop. Inhale. Transform.



Share your experience of late-night baby anxieties and tell us how you cope.

Want to try some De-Stress?

From now through January 31, you’ll get a De-Stress prestige sampler free with any purchase made on our website! Shop our blends now!


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