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How Plants Healed a Country

September 18th, 2014

Recently, I attended the Botanica 2014 Conference in Dublin, which celebrates herbs and clinical aromatherapy. It was a global affair featuring 24 presentations from 16 different countries on the different benefits of using herbal preparations and essential oils to heal our minds and bodies.


There was one presentation, in particular, that really resonated with me. It was the story of how Julia Hoffman Graves, an herbalist and naturopathic practitioner from France, was able to use to plants to save thousands of lives in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

 earthquake1Devastation from the January 12, 2010 earthquake


It all began when her friend Venerable Thupten Jinpa, a Haitian-born Tibetan Buddhist monk who was on a meditation retreat in France when the quake happened, got wind of the devastation and decided to fly to Haiti to bring his father back to the US. He mentioned that it would take some time to get his father’s papers cleared, so he wanted to spend his time in Haiti helping the survivors. Julia quickly sprung into action, launching a last-minute fundraising effort


48 hours later, Julia arrived in Haiti with $2,500 in contributions plus another $4,000 worth of donated natural remedies. There, she linked up with Jinpa and the skeleton crew he had put together consisting of Lisa Schrempp, an ayurvedic message therapist from Arizona, Ven. Thupten Punstok, another Haitian monk who served as a translator and medicine preparer, and Oliama Deriviere, a local bone-setter, midwife and herbalist.

 julia-pillsJulia creating custom essential oil blends.


The team traveled to desolate villages, where no other help was available, and set up shop with a tarp, table and two chairs. Under Jinpa and Julia’s direction, people would line up to see the doctors and then move on to massage, cupping or bone-setting, if necessary.  Patients would then move to the “pharmacy” where custom essential oil blends and bagged herbs were prepared and distributed.


lisa-handLisa massaging a woman’s wrist.


This mobile clinic, now known as the Naturopathic Relief Clinic for Haitian Earthquake Survivors, was the only naturopathic clinic created in the aftermath of the earthquake. It proved invaluable, as many of the Haitian people were skeptical of forced vaccinations and modern medical treatments, which are common in traditional clinics. Julia recalled how many people first came and asked, “Do they do vaccinations here?” When they were told no, they would respond, “Good, then I will stay for a treatment.”

 oliama-adjustingOliama doing adjustments on a man with back pain.

They used essential oil rubs for coughs, colds skin infections, rheumatic pains and psychological disorders, homeopathic treatments for fever, diarrhea and injury, and flower essences and Ayurvedic massage for emotional healing. According to Julia, “Even tiny amounts of essential oils were used to sanitize stagnant water supplies and prevent epidemics.” They gave dietary and herbal advice, empowering people to take control of their health and use their native resources for healing. The word spread throughout the island and more and more patients arrived to line up each day. There was no favoritism for those that could pay, and there was a separate line just for the children. The clinic became not only a place for treatment, but also a source of education and hope.

 jinpa-girlJinpa administering flower essences for grief.


Since 2010, the Naturopathic Relief Clinic for Haitian Earthquake Survivors was able to treat over 18,000 villagers.


To learn more about the clinic or ways that you can help, please visit







The Cary Diaries: John Denver Sanctuary

August 21st, 2014

As summer comes to a close, I reflect on my family trip to Colorado. Breathing in the fresh mountain air, hiking through forests, challenging myself on hard climbs, and biking along the Rio Grande all make for a healthy, active vacation. But more than that, there’s something about the mountains that soothes our souls. The power of the conifer trees, the “antennae for the planet”, draws in universal healing energy that is tangible in every breath.


No one expresses this better than John Denver, the American singer-songwriter, actor, activist and humanitarian whose tribute is the beautiful John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen, Colorado.




The Sanctuary hides a highly-engineered stormwater filtration system that pays tribute to Denver’s environmental legacy. Large boulders display his lyrics and portray his sensitivity to nature. To me, this place acts as a reminder to be proactive and preserve all of our precious resources.




I walked away from the sanctuary, deep in contemplation, and my heart filled with a song that nature is and always will be in her finest hour!


He climbed cathedral mountains

Saw silver clouds below

Saw everything as far as you can see

And they say that he got crazy once

And he tried to touch the sun

And he lost a friend but kept his memory


Now, he walks in quiet solitude

The forests and the streams

Seeking grace in every step he takes

His sight has turned inside

Himself to try and understand

The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake


Now his life is full of wonder

But his heart still knows some fear

Of a simple thing he cannot comprehend

Why they try to tear the mountains down

To bring in a couple more

More people, more scars upon the land


And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high

I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky

He know he’d be a poorer man

If he never saw an eagle fly

Rocky Mountain high

It’s the Colorado Rocky Mountain high






The Cary Diaries: Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

July 29th, 2014

No visit to England—a country that prides itself on its passion for gardens—is complete without a visit to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.



“All life on earth depends on plants. They harness the sun’s energy, provide the air we breathe, give us food, fuel, shelter and medicine.” – Kew Royal Botanic Gardens


From London, I took the scenic tour up the Thames River, seeing many historical points along the way. Upon arriving at Kew, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of living plants (30,000 different species) on its massive 300 acres, I quickly made a plan for my visit.


Of most interest to me were the special exhibits titled Rainforest Remedies and Healing Heroes. These displays showcased the benefits of medicinally healing plants and presented examples of  ‘natural’ pharmaceuticals.




These exhibits teach that plants and humans co-exist and depend on each other in many aspects of life. The fact that we can utilize their manufactured chemicals in the form of essential oils and modern day pharmaceuticals is a great bonus.




It was a beautiful day spent in the garden, appreciating the natural beauty that we have been     blessed with.




Rose-scented geranium has been proven to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and Madagascar periwinkle has been proven to help fight leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease.



Next time you’re in London, you should definitely check out Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.





The Cary Diaries: Finding Inner Peace at Kripalu

June 26th, 2014

We have the power to create our own thoughts and intentions, but often reality—work, hectic schedules and life’s circumstances—can take us off course. Or perhaps we never even learned the tools to develop mindfulness in our daily lives. For times when we need a little reminder of our inner potential and possibilities, rejuvenating destinations like Kripalu, in Lenox, MA, help us get on track and propel us forward in actualizing our dreams and purpose.




The Kripalu mission is “ to empower people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.” While yoga is the focus of Kripalu’s mission, it offers many other classes and workshops that help to empower people without having to do any yoga at all.

Relaxation is evident from the moment one steps onto the property at Kripalu. You feel your shoulders drop and your breath get fuller. Whether you go for their “rest and relaxation” program or one of the numerous self-awareness workshops, there is never a dull moment.

There is an endless assortment of activities to help you de-stress and find your inner peace. From meditation to hikes to yoga and more, the choices abound for connecting on a deep level with that sometimes forgotten inner self.




For my birthday weekend get away, I took a trip to Kripalu. I took full advantage of the program offerings, including the numerous mindful meditations, various yoga classes and a workshop on Evidenced Based Qigong, taught by Master Yang. I left feeling rejuvenated, with my heart wide open and filled with the joy of knowing I have pure intensions of making this world a better place. My efforts to source organic essential oils for our 21 Drops customers support green practices, organic farming and organic distilleries worldwide! 21 Drops hopes that our high frequency organic essential oil synergies, pre-blended with your conditions in mind, will help you to feel and be your best self!




Cary and Master Yang



New friends we met at Renee Trudeau’s workshop



The Zodiac wheel



Leaving some Strength for the angel

The Cary Diaries: Cary Talks “Stress” at Texas Children’s Healthplan

May 15th, 2014

In honor of Nurses’ Week, I made a trip to speak at the Texas Children’s Healthplan’s Nurses’ Appreciation Day event. As expected, nurses regularly get caught up in stressful situations while caring for their patients. They rarely have time to stop and realize how this stress can wreak havoc on many of their bodily systems.


Cary arrives at Texas Childrens Hospital


I was given the unique opportunity to educate these wonderful nurses about the physical symptoms of the “Fight or Flight” stress response and how to help them manage it.


Cary speaking Nurses listening


Stress can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, digestive issues, muscular tension, rapid breathing, adrenal burn out, Mobdro and even compromise the immune system!

We discussed numerous methods for controlling stress:

• Take daily breaks

• Incorporate “quieting” rituals into daily routines

• Simple stretching exercises

• Breathing exercises

• Create statements of intention

• Essential oils

• Maintain a healthy and well balanced diet

• Schedule quiet time

• Bathing rituals

All of these approaches help to slow down the cascade of intense adrenaline rushes that occur under extreme stress and tension.


In addition to speaking at the nurse’s appreciation day event, I was fortunate enough to be part of the educators’ meeting for the labor and delivery department at the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pavilion for Women. I spoke with a team of 6 women who direct the education for the childbirth preparation classes. Anne Wright, the Patient Education Manager, welcomed the continued discussion of incorporating essential oils into different aspects of the birthing process.




While essential oils need to be used sparingly throughout pregnancy, labor and during the early months while breastfeeding, they can be wonderful healing Mobdro APK Download tools to speed recovery and help new mother’s work through the sometime anxious and often uncomfortable period of child rearing.


Cary visiting Gina at the Bella Luna shop inside Texas Childrens Hospitals Pavilion for Women, where 21 Drops is sold.

Cary visiting Gina at the Bella Luna shop inside Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pavilion for Women, where 21 Drops is sold.


I had a wonderful time in Houston, filled with women, education and empowerment. I would like to especially thank Tabatha Bullard, Evelyn Olatunbosun and Anne Wright for the invitation and their warm hospitality. Keep up the good work ladies!