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Frequent Traveler? Try These Essential Oils!

May 20th, 2016

For those of us constantly on the go whether it be for work or wander-lusting, frequent travel can take a serious toll on our immune system. Essential oils are a great way to naturally combat the gkfx stresses and strains of travel, jet lag, and germs. Our very own 21 drops founder and clinically certified aromatherapist, Cary Caster, has comprised a list of key essential oils to use throughout your travels:


FullSizeRender 2


Immune Fighters:

helps to defend against contaminants.

helps to fight “what’s going around” and ease congestion

provides fortification and immune support


Calming Agents:

helps to reduce anxiety, pacifies, nurtures and rebalances

helps to quiet an overactive mind

reduces physical tension caused by stress


Sleep Aids:

soothes nerves and helps promote relaxation

encourages peace and tranquility

quiets the mind chatter and has proven to create relaxation


Travel Discomforts:


eases stomach discomfort

helps diminish nausea

helps stimulate digestion and relieves upset stomach

Pain Relief:

helps reduce pain

 stimulates vein integrity and aids bruised areas

helps soothe inflamed joints and tense muscles



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Can’t Get Your Kids to Focus on Homework? Try Essential Oils!

May 6th, 2016

Getting kids to focus on schoolwork at home is one of the many challenges parents deal with on a daily basis. With so many distractions, let’s focus on a simple phentermine natural solution, essential oils, that can benefit both you and your kids by acting as a natural focus remedy. Use them any time to safely and effectively promote concentration.




Here are 3 essential oils that can help to jump-start your brain without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals or caffeine:


Rosemary essential oil

Reduces fogginess, great for a natural boost of energy after a long day of school. Help your kids stay on point through their schoolwork with worrying about them bouncing off the walls or having trouble falling asleep at bedtime.


Peppermint essential

Stimulates the mind and helps keep your kids focused on completing their schoolwork effectively and efficiently with a refreshing and positive attitude.


Frankincense essential oil

Induces clarity and a boost of determination to get through those difficult math problems and helps stir up the creative juices for an art project.


Using essential oils, combined with a consistent routine, healthy low-sugar diet, exercise, and frequent small breaks can help kids to maintain their focus without becoming stressed or reluctant to complete their assigned tasks.


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6 Ways to Clear the Mind of Negativity

April 14th, 2016

Spring cleaning is not only beneficial for your home, but also your mind and spirit. It’s important to clear your mind of negative clutter to pave the way for positive vibes to achieve natural vitality. Here are a few simple ways to clear your mind of negativity:


natural vitality


Surround yourself with positive people.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive individuals is not only a great support system, but will help keep your spirit light and happy.



Write down 5 positive things that happened at the end of each day. Write down any negative things that might have happened that day and through away the paper when you’re done.


Reciting positive affirmations.

By incorporating this into your daily routine, it can help be a constant reminder of staying on the right track. Try writing a few down on some post-its to stick on your bathroom mirror.



Being active is an excellent way to boost your endorphins, a great way to clear your head and break a sweat.



Taking 5 minutes out of your day to sit in silence and meditate is a great stress reliever and useful way to clear any negative energy you may be harboring from the day.


Healthy Eating Habits.

Eating clean and healthy foods will help keep your mind and body functioning smoothly and properly and help prevent those mental mid-day crashes caused by poor diet and unhealthy foods.


Check out for more wellness tips.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

March 29th, 2016

Around this time every year, it’s time to open up the windows and clean out the overstuffed closets of clothes and junk accumulated over the winter to get ready for spring. Clearing clutter is a great way not only to bring new life to your home, but also to bring clarity and peace to your mind. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts for spring cleaning:


spring cleaning



Properly put away and store winter clothes to make room for your spring and summer wardrobe.

Go through your spring wardrobe and donate anything that you haven’t in worn 2 years or more.

Shake out and clean any indoor rugs to refresh them from all of the winter build-up. Also, it’s nice to air them out in the fresh air.

Clean up your outdoor space no matter how small or large. Spruce it up with a few new plants or an herb garden.

Pick one new indoor/outdoor project to begin, maybe something creative you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest all winter long.


Don’t through away or donate any winter clothing until next season. Sometimes we can get so excited to clear space that we end up getting rid of something we may really need to hold on to.

Don’t leave any spring project incomplete, finish what you started. There’s nothing worse than a half-way organized closet or half the lawn furniture still in storage. Pick a manageable project each day or weekend that is easy to complete.

Don’t think you can do everything at once. Spring cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming, so map out your plan of attack and stay organized.


Essential Oils for Skin Allergies

March 3rd, 2016

Every year around allergy season we get slammed with itchy eyes and stuffy noses. Another victim to seasonal allergies is our skin, which can be sensitive to the changing weather and season. Essential oils are a great natural way to help combat skin allergies, leaving you with itch-free, clear, glowing skin. Here are a few essential oils recommended by our founder and essential oil expert, Cary Caster. As a quick reminder, it is most important to safely dilute your essential oils to 2-3% in a carrier oil or lotion for direct application to the skin.


Allergy remedies natural


Roman or German ChamomileWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This gentle essential oil can be used to treat skin inflammations such as rashes or insect bites.



This essential oil has anti-inflammatory skin healing properties used to treat acne, rashes and other skin irritations caused by seasonal allergies.



Palmarosa essential oil is great for various types of skin issues that include dry skin, swelling, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections and fungus. It helps to balance sebum production and stimulate cell regeneration.


Carrot Seed

This oil is most famous for its skin-healing properties to help restore skin tone and keep it moisturized. It’s great to use during allergy season to tame any skin irritations you may have.



Patchouli can be used on many skins conditions to bring down inflammation or swelling. It’s components allow it to be extremely cooling and moisturizing for the skin.



»Use Rosehip Seed Oil or Rose Hydrosol with a touch of Aloe Vera as your carrier. In a resealable glass bottle with a dropper, combine 1 oz of carrier and 10-12 drops total of your essential oils: Roman Chamomile (3-4 drops), Carrot Seed (3-4 drops), Patchouli (3-4 drops). Seal tightly and shake well, apply a couple of drops of your blend to the irritated area on your skin once or twice daily.

The Extraction Process of Rose Absolute

February 25th, 2016

A metaphor for love itself, the extracting process of Rose Absolute essential oil is delicate, precise and unique. It takes approximately 60,000 roses to make 1 oz of Rose Absolute through a solvent extraction method for delicate flowers. Here is a brief step-by-step breakdown of this process.

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Rose Essential Oil Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie download

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Roses are a perennial flower, meaning they reproduce and are re-harvested each year. The harvesting process begins as soon as the flowers start opening.

After the roses are harvested, they go through a solvent extraction process (liquid-liquid) because of their delicate nature. The leaves are submerged/placed in the solvent liquid, which dissolves the active ingredients, thus making it more readily available for extraction. Then the liquid is evaporated through heat, leaving behind Rose essential oil.

The extraction process of Rose Absolute essential oil ties in with the theme of love for the month of February. Love is delicate like a rose, love is a process that’s not always easy, love takes time and the proper care to bloom, grow and develop into something that can last a lifetime.

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Our Favorite Plant-Infused Chocolates

February 24th, 2016

February is a popular month for purchasing and consuming chocolate. Adding herbs, dried fruit and other spices to your chocolate can transform and enhance the flavor of this already delectable treat and may be beneficial for medicinal purposes. Here are a few of our favorite chocolate and plant combinations:

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healthy chocolate

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Chocolate infused with Lavender

Lavender is best known for emotionally, calming, soothing and nurturing, while encouraging balance in all of the bodily systems.

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Chocolate infused with Dried Chili Peppers

Red chilis contain a substance called Capsaicin, which is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammatory processes. Capsaicin is known to be a natural pain reliever. Other benefits of chilis include lowering cholesterol, boosting immunity and acting as a decongestant.

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Chocolate infused with Bergamot or Dried Orange

Both fruits fall into the citrus family and are great digestive aids and immunity boosters.

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Chocolate infused with Peppermint

Peppermint oil is well-known for relaxing the intestinal tract, making it highly-effective in combating nausea, digestive problems and heartburn. Emotionally, it awakens, refreshes and uplifts, stimulating the mind and increasing focus.

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Chocolate infused with Rosemary

This plant is known to stimulate and strengthen mental activity, clear thoughts and encourage clarity.

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Chocolate infused with Ginger (digestive)

Ginger is very effective in alleviating nausea and other digestive disorders, and it is also an excellent weapon against inflammation and muscle pain.

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Best Workouts To Do As A Couple

February 18th, 2016

It’s the month of celebrating love, lust and companionship. What better way to spend time with your sweetheart than partaking in healthy and fun activities together. We’ve put together a list of our favorite healthy workouts to do as a couple that both of you will be sure to enjoy!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


best workouts


Acro Yoga

This is a great trust-building activity that will work on your balance, flexibility and strength. If you and your significant other aren’t familiar with acro yoga, be sure to take a beginners class before trying these moves on your own.



Pack a romantic lunch and set out into the open waters. This is a great all-day activity that promotes teamwork, especially if you’re in a two-person kayak.


Paddle Boarding

Have fun in the sun with the one you love while working on your balance and core muscles.


Rock Climbing

Take turns climbing and belaying your partner and work together as a team to help them make it to the top! This is an overall great workout, which works pretty much every muscle in your body.



Bring out your competitive side and run a 5k together to get your metabolism going and the blood flowing. Afterwards, enjoy a guilt-free romantic meal together.


Tandem Biking

This fun, goofy activity is not as easy as it looks, it requires teamwork and balance the successfully whiz around on a tandem bicycle.

The Emotional Benefits of Rose Absolute

February 16th, 2016

Despite the time and effort that goes into distilling this sensual oil, it is still one of the most widely-used essential oils in perfumery and aromatherapy, and with good reason.

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rose absolute

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Rose Absolute is known to be an excellent aphrodisiac as well as a highly-effective antidepressant. It is also said to balance hormones and act as a wonderful tonic for the nervous system. It even eases shock and grief, soothes anger, and heals despair. Here are a few of the other emotional benefits of this amazing essential movie The Fate of the Furious 2017 now

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· Heals and opens the heart, especially during tough times when it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel

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· Assists in lessening the burden of self-judgement by creating calm and balance within the mind

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· Heals emotional wounds and lightens feelings of grief

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· Helps to let go of negativity

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· Aids us on our journey of developing unconditional love for ourselves by lifting our emotional blinders to help us see the light

Aphrodisiacs: Essential Oils

February 11th, 2016

Essential oils are used for treating many physical and mental health ailments and using them as an aphrodisiac is no exception, especially during this month of love. Here are some essential oils to use to enhance the romantic spirit and get you in the mood by freeing the mind and opening your heart.

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Natural Passion

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Rose Absolute Essential Oil

This exotic and sensual oil harbors emotionally-uplifting and liberating properties to help you feel open and free of any internal tension. This emotional effect will help you release insecurities or anxieties that inhibit you from experiencing true love.

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Jasmine Essential Oil

Known for its floral and exotic aroma, Jasmine helps to relieve any pent up stress, allowing you to release inhibitions in order to heighten your romantic experience and free your mind of worry.

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Sandalwood Essential Oil

With a woody, warm and radiant aroma, this seductive essential oil can help to calm the mind, thus eliminating mental boundaries that trap the spirit of self expression.