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“Angels Still”: In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary

December 18th, 2012

All of our hearts were broken when we learned of the tragic shooting last week in Newtown, Connecticut. A friend of 21 Drops and a mother of two young children shared a poem she wrote in memory of the young victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.


#13 Carry On: A Big Hug in a Little Bottle

November 23rd, 2012

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused still looms large for victims on the East Coast, who are still trying to rebuild their lives. 21 Drops founder, Cary Caster, responds to the trauma and offers a way to help.

Photo courtesy of Ani Carrington on flickr

My heart goes out to those whose lives were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. Having been born and raised in Florida, I know first-hand the devastation that hurricanes can inflict.

I have tremendous compassion for the victims of Sandy and am striving to do whatever I can to help them pull through this difficult time. As a clinical aromatherapist, I understand the extraordinary healing power of essential oils.

I created the #13 Carry On blend when I lost my mother 15 years ago. Carry On is composed of select natural essential oils that especially help to heal heartbreak, manage loss and ease sorrow, while restoring our optimism in new beginnings. This specially selected aromatherapy oil synergy contains rose to heal the heart, lavender to soothe, frankincense to calm the mind, and sandalwood to support acceptance.

My #13 Carry On was designed to help out in critical times. I will donate 25% of each purchase of this healing blend to Habitat for Humanity, an international organization that helps those in need rebuild their homes after disaster strikes.

Let’s help our neighbors in need get their homes – and hope – back.

Learn More Here.


Surviving Sandy: One Woman’s Take on the Superstorm

November 15th, 2012

A short while ago, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. Ella, a 21 Drops staffer and New Jersey resident, recounts how the storm affected her home, her family, and her life.

This is Ella’s story:

Photo courtesy of Brian Birke on flickr


He was nervously pacing up and down the halls, oblivious to everything around him. He was worried, flustered and anxious; he wished he could do something to help but he knew he had no part in this natural process.

The man in this scenario was my husband. And, NO, I’m not talking childbirth here. I’m talking natural disaster.

It was a Monday night and Hurricane Sandy was growing fiercer as it was hitting the shoreline of New Jersey – not so far from our Central NJ home. With a wife, a newborn and a young son, as well as his home to protect, my husband was more distraught than I had ever seen him. I was growing increasingly anxious as well. There’s something about a powerful storm that makes you realize just how powerless humans are. It’s seriously stressful.

The kids were terrified of the wind howling against our glass windowpanes. My husband and I were frantically trying to protect them, each other, and our home… at the same time listening to the horrific sound of large trees going down in the vicinity. Then, the lights went out. It was the most frightening hours of our lives.

The Aftermath:

Photo courtesy of Paul Lomax on flickr

Being centrally located, we did not, thank God, experience the full devastation of Sandy. But, devastating it certainly was. Life, as we knew it, was on hold. My husband was freaking out when he saw that we were surrounded by fallen trees, our newly installed fence was ripped out by merciless Sandy. I was watching the contents of my fully-stocked freezer spoiling while I was holding onto the baby and trying to assure my son that all was well.

Getting away to a more civilized place to ride it out was not an option. The storm had taken its toll on gasoline supplies. Mile-long lines at those gas stations who actually had electricity led to utter frustration as their supply ran out before your turn was even in view.

There was no going anywhere.

But, as I increasingly learned of the catastrophic experiences of fellow storm victims; losing homes, pets, property and valuables – it became clear that my family’s heartbreak paled in comparison. Suddenly, I felt petty for worrying about the small inconveniences of losing lights, power, cable, and internet, when more important things were left safe and sound, untouched by Sandy’s wrath.

Stress rears its ugly head during hard times, but when the situation is not life-threatening, it’s best to get the upper hand on stress.

Looking back, I could have dealt with the tense situation differently.

Instead of freaking out from the dark and toting utilitarian flashlights around, we could have lit some scented candles to create a more relaxed atmosphere.
Instead of fretting about food rotting in the powered-down freezer, we could have had an impromptu neighborhood barbeque.
Instead of frantically driving around looking for gas, we could have spent quality family time in our welcome, albeit chilly, home without the distractions of TV or internet.

Although I hope not to experience a second Sandy in my lifetime, if something like Sandy happens again, I’ll be more prepared. With lots of extra candles, a charged laptop, and a renewed appreciation for the important things in life. Oh, and I’ll be sure to remember to keep my 21 Drops #11 De-Stress blend in my emergency kit!

Thank you, Ella for sharing your experience with us. Did any of you experience Sandy first- hand? How did you cope with the stress brought on by the Franken-storm?