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Frequent Traveler? Try These Essential Oils!

May 20th, 2016

For those of us constantly on the go whether it be for work or wander-lusting, frequent travel can take a serious toll on our immune system. Essential oils are a great way to naturally combat the gkfx stresses and strains of travel, jet lag, and germs. Our very own 21 drops founder and clinically certified aromatherapist, Cary Caster, has comprised a list of key essential oils to use throughout your travels:


FullSizeRender 2


Immune Fighters:

helps to defend against contaminants.

helps to fight “what’s going around” and ease congestion

provides fortification and immune support


Calming Agents:

helps to reduce anxiety, pacifies, nurtures and rebalances

helps to quiet an overactive mind

reduces physical tension caused by stress


Sleep Aids:

soothes nerves and helps promote relaxation

encourages peace and tranquility

quiets the mind chatter and has proven to create relaxation


Travel Discomforts:


eases stomach discomfort

helps diminish nausea

helps stimulate digestion and relieves upset stomach

Pain Relief:

helps reduce pain

 stimulates vein integrity and aids bruised areas

helps soothe inflamed joints and tense muscles



For easy simple solutions try our 21 drops essential oil blends recommended for traveling: , , , , , and Blends.




Motivating Essential Oil Mist

January 19th, 2016

We’re more than halfway through January and staying motivated can get a bit challenging, especially with the gloomy winter weather. Essential oils are a great way to help you stay alert, invigorated and focused naturally. We’ve created a super-simple recipe for a motivating mist you can use whenever you need a boost of will power.


natural vitality



10 drops of Cedarwood- helps increase strength, endurance

10 drops of Ginger- lights the fire, encourages resolve

10 drops of Geranium- fosters a sense of stability

1 oz of Aloe Vera Gel

2 oz of Distilled Water



In a 3-ounce spray bottle, mix together distilled water and aloe vera gel, then add 10 drops of each essential oil and shake well.



Looking for a quick and easy solution? Try our 21 drops Willpower Essential Oil Blend.

5 Essential Oils for Back to School

August 11th, 2015

Essential oils are a great natural way to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape so you can stay focused, healthy and excel at your studies.


FullSizeRender[10] 2


Here are 5 essential oils to help you be your best self, naturally:


1. Rosemary

Keep your memory sharp and alert during an exam, class or study session with this stimulating and clarifying essential oil.

Used in these blends:

, ,


2. Lavender

This essential oil is an overall cure for many types of issues due to its complete and diverse chemical profile. Lavender is a great stress reliever. Along with being emotionally supportive, it calms, soothes and nurtures, encouraging balance in all of the bodily systems.

Used in these blends:

, , , , ,


3. Eucalyptus

This germ-fighting essential oil has strong antibacterial properties. It’s a great preventative oil for colds and flus that are spreading around campus.

Used in these blends:



4. Sweet Orange

One of the best choices for treating digestive disorders, Sweet Orange is a brilliant stimulant and has strong gastric properties as well as having the ability to suppress muscle spasms. This essential oil also has antidepressant penis enlargement qualities, along with emotional and energetic uses that include combating pessimism and perfectionism, calming agitation and unblocking stagnated ability. Sweet Orange is great to use for those pre-exam jitters or stressful study cram sessions.

Used in these blends: 

, ,


5. Peppermint

This essential oil is well-known for relaxing the intestinal tract, making it highly effective in combating nausea, digestive problems and heartburn. Its cooling properties help ease headaches and migraines. Emotionally, it awakens, energizes and uplifts, stimulating the mind and increasing focus.

Used in these blends:


7 Bedtime Hacks While Traveling

July 16th, 2015

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep on the road. Time change, noise, sleeping arrangements and other obstacles etoro can get in the way of achieving high-quality sleep. Don’t fret, we have some good travel hacks that will having you catching some good z’s in no time.




1. Pack a Sleep Essential Travel Kit to include:

– Ear plugs or noise-canceling headphones (if you like to fall asleep to music)

– Sleep-promoting essential oils (Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver & Sandalwood)

– Eye mask

– Travel neck pillow

– A good book

2. If you’re traveling to a destination in different time zone:

– Going ahead, plan to settle in early and relax in order to fall asleep earlier.

– Going back, fight the fatigue by going out on the town or hitting the hotel gym to stay awake later.

3. Try to follow your exact or a similar bedtime routine to maintain a bit of consistency and balance.

4. Request a room away from the elevators.

5. Make sure the temperature of your room is set at 60 degrees F for optimum sleep.

6. Try to avoid caffeine before bed to ensure the body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

7. Meditation is a great way to find inner peace when the body is stressed and will help clear the mind.

Being Busy is Better for Sleep

July 7th, 2015

Being busy isn’t always a bad thing. Having a full, well-balanced schedule can help support a healthy sleep routine, so let’s load up our planners with plenty of fun, healthy activities!



Here are a few activities to fill your schedule:

Fitness: Yoga, barre, cycling, running or anything active helps to support healthy sleep habits.

Meal prep: This takes time and careful planning, but eating the right foods more often than not will keep your body balanced and allow for a more restful sleep.

Get it done before the deadline: P to the Seventh Power (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production) will keep you busy, but prepared for any bumps in the road. This can lead to less stress and anxiety that can hinder a good night’s sleep.

Volunteering: Taking the time to help your community is a great way to utilize your time and keep busy with a positive spin.

Gardening: Get outside and soak in some vitamin D. Put your green thumb to work!

Making time for family and friends: Spending time with loved ones is always great way to spend your time.

Remember there is a difference between being busy and overloading your schedule. It’s always important to maintain a proper balance in your daily activities. Try following the 888 rule, 8 hours of work – 8 hours of play – 8 hours of sleep, to moderate your time!

The Oil of Tranquility: Vetiver

May 19th, 2015

Known as the “Oil of Tranquility,” Vetiver has been used in India for its perfume qualities for thousands of years. It has also been used in traditional medicine in Asia and West Africa because of its therapeutic properties. This oil has an earthy and slightly smokey aroma that is widely used for its deeply calming and relaxing properties.




What it does:

– Vetiver increases your ability to handle high levels of stress, which can lead to illness. Therefore, it is a wonderful oil to use when the body is overloaded and feeling weakened.

– It helps settle anxiety and is great for relieving insomnia or depression.

– This oil is extremely grounding, which makes it appropriate to use during physical or emotional trauma.


– Add 3-5 drops of Vetiver to your bath, it’s amazingly relaxing and settling.

– Use a dab neat on your neck and behind your ears when feeling anxious before flying or traveling.


Whether you’ve had a stressful day or suffer from anxiety, Vetiver essential oil can help lift your spirits and calm a worried mind.


For a quick easy solution try our Calm Blend, and if you have any additional questions on how to use Vetiver essential oil, ask our founder.

21 Ways to Pay It Forward

April 30th, 2015

In honor of National Pay It Forward Day, we’ve put together a list of 21 ways to spread smiles and positivity today and every day.





1. Treat a friend to lunch.

2. Open the door for the person behind you.

3. Carry someone’s groceries to their car.

4. Write a positive review for a local restaurant on Yelp or another review site.

5. Donate blood.

6. Share your umbrella with a stranger.

7. Volunteer in your community garden.

8. Recycle.

9. Put some change in an expired parking meter.

10. Offer someone your seat on the bus/train/waiting room.

11. Pick up trash on the sidewalk.

12. Donate dog or cat food to your local animal shelter.

13. Give a random stranger a nice compliment.

14. During heavy traffic hours, let someone merge in front of you to get on the road.

15. Hug a friend, and tell them how much you appreciate them.

16. Give words of encouragement to your coworkers.

17. Send someone flowers.

18. Let someone with only a few items in their cart in front of you in the checkout line.

19. Let someone take your parking spot if the lot is crowded.

20. Share a 21 drops blend with a friend.

21. If someone pays it forward to you, spread the love and pay it forward to another!

10 Eco-Friendly Festival Essentials

April 9th, 2015

With festival season already underway, it’s time to gear up with some amazing eco-friendly sustainable products!




1. Waterproof Electronic PouchUO Custom Waterproof Iphone Pouch will help keep your smartphone dry and safe from the outdoor elements. It can be submersed in up to 9 inches of water and comes with an awesome external aux.


2. Toilet Paper: Stall Mates Wipes are convenient, portable and completely biodegradable. This company not only takes great pride in the quality of their products, but works diligently to give back to organizations like Trees, Water & People (TWP).


3. Sneakers/Closed-Toed ShoesBucketfeet is an amazing art-focused shoe company on a mission to connect people through art by tapping into the creativity and diversity of the world. Every time you purchase from Bucketfeet, you share an artist’s story with the world. We love the Peacock Canvas Slip-Ons by Inkheart designed in London, England.


4. Bug Spray: Honest Bug Spray is a safe, all-natural way to keep those pesky bugs away. This certified organic bug repellent will protect you for up to 4 hours against mosquitoes and stable flies. It’s hypoallergenic, non-irritating, vegan and biodegradable.


5. Backpack: STATE- Henry Micro Backpack can be easily attached to your belt loop and is great for holding your phone and other small essentials without weighing you down. For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand delivers a backpack full of essential supplies for success to an American child in need. This company’s commitment goes above and beyond material donations. To read more about their inspiring story click here.


6. Sunglasses: Panda is on a journey to change the environmental and social impact of sunglasses. These super cute, high-end, sustainable sunglasses are made entirely out of bamboo. What’s amazing is that each purchase gives the gift of vision to someone in need! We love the Hepburn- Natural Collection for stellar eye protection during this festival season.


7. Protein Bar: Fro Pro is a healthy and affordable protein bar that’s great to eat on-the-go with their resealable packaging! These bite-sized protein bars packed with plant protein, peanut butter, oats, honey and cinnamon are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. They will help provide the energy you need to party all day/night long.


8. Water Bottle: Vapur Eclipse 0.7 Liter Water Anti-Bottle is made in the USA out of BPA-free plastic. It’s light, portable and can roll up to fit easily into your bag or pocket.


9. Sunscreen: Raw Elements scores a top safety and efficiency rating from The Environmental Working Group. It’s 100% all-natural and certified organic, not to mention it’s hypoallergenic and safe for all ages! This product is very water resistant and sweat resistant, so you won’t get fried while dancing under the hot sun.


10. Essential Oils: 21 Drops Essential Oil BlendsDetox, Invigorate and Headache are a great combination of our portable essential oil blends to keep you going during those hot and hazy festival days and nights.


DIY Antibacterial Home Spray

March 26th, 2015

Instead of using Lysol or other disinfectants, try making your own natural antimicrobial mist with essential oils. It’s a simple, easy and effective all-natural solution that will help keep your home germ-free and clean.




· 2 oz spray bottle

· Distilled water or vinegar

· Black Pine, White Pine or Ponderosa Pine essential oil (20-25 drops)

· Lemon essential oil (20-25 drops)


How To: 

1. Fill a 2 oz spray bottle with distilled water or vinegar.

2. Add about 20-25 drops of lemon essential oil and 20-25 drops of pine essential oil to your water or vinegar. You want the essential oils to make up about 5-10 percent of your spray.

3. Shake well and mist the air when needed.




Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil:

· Disinfectant for cleaning

· Helps defend against infection

· Helpful for flu, bronchitis and colds


Benefits of Pine Essential Oil:

· Has powerful cleaning properties

· Immune system support

· Anti-fungal/Antibacterial

Why We Love Ravintsara for Allergy Relief!

March 24th, 2015

Essential oils are a great, natural way to combat seasonal allergies. Cinnamomun Camphora, more commonly known as Ravintsara, is recognized for its curative, strengthening and clarifying properties.




Here are 5 reasons why this essential oil is great for allergies.

1. It gives your immune system a boost to fight against allergy build up and sinus infections.

2. Ravintsara helps to remove excess mucus from the respiratory system.

3. This oil is both antibacterial and anti-infectious. These attributes make it great to use in a diffuser because it will help kill and prevent the spread of germs in the air.

4. It is a decongestant that has anti-inflammatory properties also making it effective in clearing the sinuses.

5. Many claim it’s one of the best essential oils for healing chronic long-term allergies.