The Votes are in for the 21 Drops Academy Awards!

February 21st, 2013

The mark of a truly great film is our capacity to connect to its characters. This year’s Oscar nominees provide us with movie characters so marvelous that we want to award them – and we asked for your help!

Thank you for casting your vote and choosing which 21 Drops blends to award to the following film characters to help them along on their cinematic journeys!

And the winners are…

You awarded #13 Carry On to Jean Valjean?

You awarded #20 Abstain to Ravenna, the Evil Queen!

You awarded #21 Inspire to President Lincoln!

You awarded #06 Passion to Merida!

You awarded #19 Will Power to Pi!

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  1. Elizabeth Komins says:

    I’m new to 21 drops. Have only smelled the “calm” for better sleep and relaxation. I gave it to my daughter who has recently developed an anxiety disorder and had to travel overseas. She said the scent is very calming.

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