Cary’s Commencement: “Following our dreams is not always easy…”

June 1st, 2013

I’ve always been a nature lover. Growing up, I had an insatiable appetite for the outdoors and a burning curiosity about everything I saw in the natural world. I made it my personal quest to discover how plants can help us live better lives.

But following our dreams is not always easy.

The “green” lifestyle was not trendy like it is now, and I encountered many setbacks. But I always knew I was born for this, soldiered on and followed my calling. Until this day, I never stop pursuing my life’s mission — to bring the healing powers of essential oils to create healthier and more beautiful lives, naturally.

For those of you who have a passion, let it guide you to where you are meant to be.

There will always be those who doubt us. The important thing is to hold on to what captivates you; immerse yourself in what you love. Look into your heart and answer this question – “What gives my life meaning?”. Never stop following that internal compass. It’s what you are here for.

Graduation is a time to rediscover your true calling. Your journey to an inspired life begins now.

I’m so proud of my son, Barron, who graduated this month due to a great amount of diligence, persistence and lots of 09 Focus! My heartiest congratulations to all the season’s graduates and their families. Well done!

-Cary Caster, 21 Drops founder

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