The Cary Diaries: Cary Makes an Interesting Discovery in Patagonia

March 4th, 2014


Cary is quite the adventurer. Recently, she and her husband, Rick, traveled to the Patagonia region of South America.  While hiking through the Andes, they came across beautiful Cedarwood trees along the coast.



Cedarwood oil is possibly the first essential oil to be extracted from a plant.  The oils are created by distilling the wood chips and sawdust from the trees, producing a masculine oil, strong and stable, which is often used to anchor a blend.  This isn’t surprising, as King Solomon himself chose Cedarwood, precisely for its strength, to build his Temple in Jerusalem, and the ancient Egyptians applied the oil during the mummification process.


Medicinally, Cedarwood oil is known for its anti-infectious, astringent and tonifying therapeutic properties and has been used as a tonic for the kidneys and central nervous system.  This oil increases strength and endurance, soothes the mind and promotes confidence and perseverance.


Cedarwood oil can be found in our Invigorate, Strength, Transform, Will Power and Inspire blends.

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