Avoiding the Pills that Used to Control My Life

September 18th, 2013

“I became a customer of 21drops after receiving a rollerball sample through Birchbox of the #09 Focus blend. What perfect timing for this miracle rollerball to come into my life! At the time I was in the midst of an internship that was at times tedious and trying, so having that mini sample next to my computer screen reminded me that I could focus on what needed done and at the same time grounded me from going over the edge…”

“Since purchasing a full size version of that I have gone on to purchase the Weekender Kit, Cold and Flu Fighters and the Take Control set so to say that I’ve become addicted to aromatherapy would be an understatement. During allergy season #15 Decongest has become a lifesaver for getting through the fog that plagues my head from early fall to late spring. Having these babies in my desk and on my nightstand helps serve the purpose of getting me through the day, relieving the stress that comes with my career, and melting away all of the days worries at night to calm down and #18 Sleep. As someone who used to run to the nearest pharmacy for every little ache, pain, or woe, I’ve found myself taking time to relax and inhale, and avoid the pills that used to control my life. Thank you 21 drops!”

– Kerri McDaniel


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